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2014 Featured Events

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October 28-29 | ProjectDox User Group Conference (PDUG-CON) | Tallahassee

What We Do

Electronic Plan Review for Government

Electronic Plan Submission, Review and Tracking is a critical component to streamline government operations and help citizens and their government work together better…

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Cross-Departmental Collaboration

ProjectDox excels at managing all kinds of project information. It gives you the flexibility to centralize resources and coordinate people/departments with low-to-no ramp time…

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Professional Services

We have amassed unparalleled experience transitioning organizations from paper to ePlan processes and provide the de-facto standard for state and local governments…

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featured video - City of Riverside, CA

Customer Quotes

“As one of America’s largest and fastest growing counties, we have witnessed a huge increase in demand not only for faster and better permitting services, but for streamlined IT infrastructure between departments. Moving to electronic review and approval gives us a number of near and long-term advantages over paper-based manual processes and fits well with our vision of system interoperability.”

Gordon Jennings
Director of Information Technologies-Planning and Development Dept., Maricopa County, AZ