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2014 Featured Events

Date Title Location
August 28 | Future Structure Water Waste and Energy Summit | Boston
September 28-30 | International Code Council ABM | Ft. Lauderdale
October 28-29 | ProjectDox User Group Conference (PDUG-CON) | Tallahassee

What We Do

Electronic Plan Review for Government

Electronic Plan Submission, Review and Tracking is a critical component to streamline government operations and help citizens and their government work together better…

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Cross-Departmental Collaboration

ProjectDox excels at managing all kinds of project information. It gives you the flexibility to centralize resources and coordinate people/departments with low-to-no ramp time…

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Professional Services

We have amassed unparalleled experience transitioning organizations from paper to ePlan processes and provide the de-facto standard for state and local governments…

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featured video - City of Riverside, CA

Customer Quotes

"While it took some real effort on our part to present the benefits of ePlan technology to everyone that it would be affected by it, the rationale makes so much sense that almost anyone can grasp its advantages. Short-term pain is quickly eclipsed by the return on investment in terms of human, financial and environmental resources. Our ePLANS system is tangible proof of Atlanta’s ongoing commitment to responsible leadership on behalf of the community."

Ibrahim Maslamani
Director of Buildings, City of Atlanta, GA