We love LA! The Nation’s 2nd Biggest City, Los Angeles, Selects ProjectDox.

The City of Los Angeles, CA has selected ProjectDox for its new electronic plan review solution. After a thorough evaluation process Los Angeles, the second most populous city in the US, chose ProjectDox as the most proven and trusted ePlan solution in the marketplace.

With a census-estimated 2015 population of nearly 4 million, LA is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California. The Los Angeles–Long Beach metropolitan area has a gross metropolitan product of $866 billion, making it the third-largest economic metropolitan area in the world.

Three of the six major film studios—Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures—are located within the city limits.  LA is also the largest manufacturing center in the western United States.  The contiguous ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach together comprise the fifth-busiest port in the world and the most significant port in the Western Hemisphere and is vital to trade within the Pacific Rim.  Singly, the Port of Los Angeles is the busiest container port in the United States and the largest cruise ship center on the West Coast. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the sixth busiest commercial airport in the world.


Announcing PDUG-CON 2017 in Houston, TX!

Avolve is excited to announce that our 2017 User Conference (PDUG-CON) will be held  October 2-4 in Houston, Texas!

With ProjectDox at the center, Houston has introduced a new era in customer service delivery with the launch of its new eServices brand.  Serving the most populous city in Texas, the City of Houston Permitting Center’s mission is to serve those who are driving Houston’s economy by helping them achieve their goals.  Avolve and the City of Houston look forward to welcoming the ProjectDox User Group to the seventh annual user conference this Fall.

Mark your calendar to attend and stay tuned for more details!

ProjectDox 8.6 is Here!

ProjectDox 8.6 is here!

The most powerful electronic plan review solution yet, this newly released version includes awesome new features and capabilities such as:

  • Quick Review – greater collaboration with Applicants and Reviewers
  • Bluebeam Revu Integration – use Bluebeam with ProjectDox
  • Workflow Enhancements – improved process management controls
  • Discussion Boards – for projects, files and tasks
  • Updated Brava Viewer – improved performance, HTML5 viewer, browser support

Learn more

San Jose, Detroit, and Hamilton Select ProjectDox!

Avolve is excited to announce that our solutions have recently been selected by the awesome cities of San Jose, Detroit and Hamilton, Canada.  We look forward to bringing the power of ProjectDox and more to these jurisdictions!

ProjectDox Goes Live in Gainesville FL with 4 Workflows!

Gainesville is the county seat and largest city in Alachua County, Florida with a population of 127,000.  Home to the University of Florida, the City of Gainesville is also a recognized world-leader in solar power.  The City has just brought ProjectDox online to accelerate and improve four of their critical business processes in the Building, City Planning, Capital Improvement and County Planning Departments.

ProjectDox Goes Live in DeKalb County, GA!

DeKalb County has brought ProjectDox online in its Building Permit Division as part of a major technology update to meet growing economic demands for faster building approvals.  The County has begun an 18-month overhaul of the technology used in its permitting and business license operations by upgrading to Hansen 8.4 and implementing ProjectDox electronic plan review software.  This new software will create efficiencies by automating previously manual tasks, while improving customer service through electronic plan submittal, review, and approval.  ProjectDox will be expanded into the County’s Planning and Land Management departments later this year.

PDUG – ProjectDox User Group Conference in Austin TX!

Avolve is looking forward to the upcoming PDUG conference with our awesome users, generously hosted this year by the City of Austin on October 11 and 12!

If you are a ProjectDox user, you will not want to miss this year’s event.  Contact us for registration details!

New Go-Lives in Anchorage, Portland and Richmond BC!

Avolve is excited to announce that ProjectDox has gone live in the new customer jurisdictions of Anchorage, AK and Richmond, BC.

The City of Portland, OR has also recently expanded ProjectDox into their Building Plan Review process.


Carmel, Indiana Chooses ProjectDox!

We are excited to bring ProjectDox to Carmel, a suburban city in Hamilton County, Indiana, located immediately north of Indianapolis.  It has been one of the fastest-growing communities in the country, and is the fifth-largest city in Indiana. In 2012, Carmel was selected the Best Place to Live in United States by CNN Money magazine.

Sedgwick County, Kansas Selects ProjectDox!

We are excited to announce that Sedgwick County, Kansas has recently selected ProjectDox as they move to electronic plan review.  Sedgwick County is the  second-most populous county in Kansas and home to the County Seat of Wichita, the most populous city in the state.

New Castle County, Delaware Goes Live!

Congratulations to New Castle County, Delaware for going live with ProjectDox!  New Castle County has the highest population and population density of any Delaware county, even though it is the smallest. It is also the most economically developed. New Castle County has a strong zoning code, known as the Unified Development Code, or UDC. The UDC was developed by the Gordon Administration in response to public perception of over- and mis- development in the county. New building projects must go through an arduous process of application and approval before construction is permitted to begin.

ProjectDox Grows in Virginia with Stafford County!

Stafford County knows how to foster a thriving economy for its citizens, and has been recognized recently for business growth year over year of 4.1%, and annualized job growth rate of 2.6% – making Stafford the #1 job creator in Virginia.   In 2006, and again in 2009, Stafford was ranked as the 11th highest income county in America by Forbes magazine. Jurisdictions like Stafford County select ProjectDox to power economic growth by accelerating permit approvals and tax revenues!

Fairfax County Revs Economy with ProjectDox!

In a bid to get new developments built sooner, Fairfax County is taking the first step to going paperless.  Under a new pilot, developers can submit their zoning proposals online for major projects, like rezonings. Planners expect this new, online system will cut the time it takes to get applications officially accepted for review.

Fairfax is testing out this new system as part of a broader strategy to rev up its economy. As part of its Economic Success plan, the county is improving the speed, consistency and predictability of its development review process.  Watch the video…

Orlando Goes Live in a Record 28 Days With Best-in-Class Planning Workflow!

The City of Orlando is making it easier than ever to submit plans for review.  We congratulate Orlando, Florida for the fastest implementation to date of ProjectDox!  Using our Best-in-Class Workflow for Planning, the City brought the electronic plan review solution live in under six weeks.  Best-in-Class Workflow for Building is coming soon!


Save the Date for PDUG 2016!

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 ProjectDox User Group Conference (PDUG) will be hosted by the City of Austin, Texas on October 11 and 12!

If you are a ProjectDox Customer Jurisdiction – mark your calendars and stay tuned for registration details, coming soon!

Fort Myers Florida Goes Live with ProjectDox!

The City of Fort Myers Building, Permitting and Inspections division has made simplifying the permit process a priority for homeowners, contractors and design professionals.  Time is of the essence for everyone involved in construction, so reducing the time to obtain a building permit is essential. A key element to greater efficiency is replacing the old paper-based plan review process with an electronic-based simultaneous plan review system.

As of February 1, 2016  all permit types, including those requiring Engineered plans, can be submitted online through ePlan.  Read more…

First Go-Live of 2016 – Edina, Minnesota!

Avolve is excited to announce that ProjectDox has gone live in the City of Edina, Minnesota.  Check it out!  Situated immediately southwest of Minneapolis in Hennepin County, Edina has a population of just under 50,000.  Many major highways run  close to Edina, making it readily accessible to all within the metropolitan area.

According to Chief Building Official, David Fisher, “Going paper-free with this process will be a huge time saver and benefit for everybody involved.  I’m looking forward to this new technology because I think it’s going to be a positive benefit for all of the contractors and departments, as well as the residents, in the future.”  Read more…

ProjectDox was also implemented last year in the  State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI), which launched ProjectDox for electronic plan review as part of its vision to continually build safer and healthier work environments in Minnesota by assuring quality construction, operation and maintenance of structures.

ProjectDox Hits the Strip – Live at Clark County, NV!

Clark County is the heartbeat of Southern Nevada, encompassing almost 8,000 square miles, five cities, including the Las Vegas Strip, and is home to more than 2 million residents. A pro-business government in a tax friendly state that values excellence in service to businesses and residents, Clark County is home to four gaming headquarters, making Nevada one of Fortune Magazines’ “States That Dominate”, states having more than 50% of all company headquarters in a specific industry.  Nevada is one of only four states to hold such a designation.

Clark County’s economic growth message focuses on permitting, inspection and licensing processes that are efficient and cost effective – enticing large development projects that fuel jobs and revenues.

Mississauga, ON Launches ProjectDox and OAS!

Avolve’s Canadian presence is rapidly expanding and we have recently brought our industry-leading solutions, ProjectDox and OAS, online in the City of Mississauga, ON.  Mississauga is the sixth largest and most populous city in Canada and resides in the center of the Greater Toronto Area.  Over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies base their Global or Canadian Head Offices in Mississauga and economic growth has thrived in recent decades.  The City has attracted a multicultural population which is projected to reach over 800,000 by 2031.

According to the City’s Economic Growth Strategy, investment in the physical and social infrastructure becomes essential to accommodate the increased pressures this growth will place on the City’s physical and built environment.

ProjectDox Goes Live in Roswell, GA!

Avolve is excited to announce that we have recently launched ProjectDox in the City of Roswell, Georgia.  Roswell has begun utilizing ProjectDox electronic plan review in its Building Department.  Roswell is part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and is Georgia’s eighth largest city with a population of nearly 90,000.

Named a Gold Certified Green Community by the Atlanta Regional Commission for leadership in its environmental and sustainability efforts, Roswell was ranked 224 for economic growth among small American cities in 2015.

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