Introducing ProjectDox 8.6

ProjectDox 8.6 is the most powerful electronic plan review solution yet!

This newly released version includes awesome new features and capabilities such as:

  • Quick Review – greater collaboration with Applicants and Reviewers
  • Bluebeam Revu Integration – use Bluebeam with ProjectDox
  • Workflow Enhancements – improved process management controls
  • Discussion Boards – for projects, files and tasks
  • Updated Brava Viewer – improved performance, HTML5 viewer, browser support

More information on new v8.6 features…


ProjectFlow – Improved Workflow Management and Configuration*

Using a graphical workflow design, ProjectDox admin staff can quickly and easily update workflows, check status, move task steps forwards or backwards as needed and configure workflow eforms with process specific text and instructions for improved usability. ProjectFlow comes with Avolve’s Best-in-Class predefined and configurable plan review workflow steps for fast and easy implementation.




“ProjectFlow graphical interface takes workflow management to the next level, can’t wait to get upgraded to this new workflow capability.”




New Quick Review – Ad-Hoc Workflow Process*

Plan review team members can start a quick and simple workflow with Applicant or other team members to ask a question, request a missing file or address a small change without requiring a full “Corrections Required” review cycle. Multiple team members can be sent an “FYI” or “Response” required and files can also be linked to the Quick Review for added clarification. Quick Review can be used in the middle of an ongoing review process for exception handling or specific plan room reviews.

“The new Quick Review ad-hoc workflow is killer; we can already see several ways to use it to communicate and collaborate with our applicants and improve customer service.”

New Discussion Boards – for Projects, Files & Tasks

Discussion Board is a new, fresh approach to sending questions and having a discussion with plan review team members. Discussion Board keeps track of all discussions feedback as project history and the discussion leader has control over which project members can see and participate. Discussion Board can also be used within a workflow task step like Pre-Screen Review and Batch Stamp Completion to address outstanding questions with the Applicant.




“Discussion Board really improves on Topics & Notes and now gives us the ability to include discussions as part of the workflow task activities, again improving customer service.”




Updated Brava – Performance & HTML5 Edge Support

This updated release of Brava with many improvements in publishing files, greater fidelity and speed. Significant improvements with the Brava HTML5 viewer for use with EDGE, Safari, Google Chrome browsers and support for overlay compare.

“The new ProjectDox 8.6 release really hits a home run with features that focus on productivity, collaboration and customer adoption!”

New – Bluebeam Revu Integration

Use Bluebeam Revu® viewer with ProjectDox Best-in-Class process workflows. Plan reviewers can now use their license of Revu to view and markup PDF files from ProjectDox, then “check-in” markups PDF’s into ProjectDox to securely manage as new versions. ProjectDox attaches the marked-up PDF file to the workflow task “Changemark List” for easy access by the Applicant. Both Revu and ProjectDox’s Brava viewers can be used together in the solution.




“The Bluebeam integration gives our engineering plan review team more viewer options to choose from.”

* Not included in the Basic ProjectDox Upgrade