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Over 100+ Cities…

More cities and counties use ProjectDox for electronic plan review than all other comparable products combined.  

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“Salt Lake City set out to make the permit process easier for its customers so it could attract and retain the businesses that are fueling the city’s economic recovery. The plan seems to be working.”


Mayors, City Managers & Economic Planners

Building Officials & Permitting Leaders

know that ProjectDox spurs economic development by accelerating building projects in the community, which in turns makes the community more attractive in competing for jobs and growth.

“This program is an incredible tool for the development community, neighborhood groups, and the City, and supports our goals to facilitate sustainable patterns of development that serve the needs and interests of all residents.”

know that ProjectDox can improve efficiency by up to 60%, eliminates the costs of movement and storage of rolls and rolls of drawings, and improves citizen services and stakeholder satisfaction.

“With a 60 hour/month reduction in plan review staff time, commercial reviews are completed in 10 business days instead of 5 weeks.  We’ve calculated return on investment at 80% in the first year alone.”

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ProjectDox is an open access business process enabler for building projects within a community requiring non-silo content access, collaboration and review/approval decisions.

A real solution to gain efficiency and ease in working together to ensure community safety and power economic growth acceleration.