4 Step Implementation For Success

By William Hodder

At Avolve, we know that implementing new technology or software is a challenge at any business in any industry.  We know that IT will bristle at the sound of implementing new software because not only does it pose a number of challenges, but a number of potential security risks as well.  The good news is… Continue reading 4 Step Implementation For Success

4 Reasons Why Your Department Should Use ProjectDox

By William Hodder

ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software and is being used all over the country.  ProjectDox is the result of Avolve’s labor of love and expertise.  Using years of experience and insider industry knowledge, Avolve developed ProjectDox which streamlines communication, helps departments go paperless, serves as a central hub where project information can be… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Your Department Should Use ProjectDox

ProjectDox Goes Live in DeKalb County, GA!

By Helen Cooley

DeKalb County has brought ProjectDox online in its Building Permit Division as part of a major technology update to meet growing economic demands for faster building approvals.  The County has begun an 18-month overhaul of the technology used in its permitting and business license operations by upgrading to Hansen 8.4 and implementing ProjectDox electronic plan review software.  This… Continue reading ProjectDox Goes Live in DeKalb County, GA!

4 Reasons to Use PlansAnywhere

By William Hodder

For those that work in a city’s built environment, on-the-go access to accurate information, building plans or other documents is not simply a helpful tool, it is critical to efficiency and effective service.  Avolve’s PlansAnywhere advantageously utilizes the power of the Salesforce 1 Platform which includes secure cloud storage, open data models and delivery technologies… Continue reading 4 Reasons to Use PlansAnywhere

PDUG – ProjectDox User Group Conference in Austin TX!

By Helen Cooley

Avolve is looking forward to the upcoming PDUG conference with our awesome users, generously hosted this year by the City of Austin on October 11 and 12! If you are a ProjectDox user, you will not want to miss this year’s event.  Contact us for registration details!

New Go-Lives in Anchorage, Portland and Richmond BC!

By Helen Cooley

Avolve is excited to announce that ProjectDox has gone live in the new customer jurisdictions of Anchorage, AK and Richmond, BC. The City of Portland, OR has also recently expanded ProjectDox into their Building Plan Review process.  

ProjectDoxOffers (5 bullets)

By William Hodder

ProjectDox has been deployed in hundreds of cities and continues to grow in popularity because it does one crucial thing – it performs.  ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software and it is leading because it improves communication, efficiency, document storage, document distribution and more.  Where information silos existed before, there are now streamlined… Continue reading ProjectDoxOffers (5 bullets)

OAS Features Complete Set of Tools

By William Hodder

Municipalities all over the country are implementing ProjectDox to streamline processes, complete projects more quickly and improve communication.  ProjectDox is revolutionizing document storage and distribution and OAS (Online Application Submission) is an integral part of the solution.  OAS works easily, hand-in-hand, with ProjectDox to give organizations a full-featured interface in which they can conduct online… Continue reading OAS Features Complete Set of Tools

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