How You Can See Immediate Benefits of Implementing ProjectDox

By William Hodder

ProjectDox is in use by over 100 cities, counties and states for a lot of small reasons and one very big reason – it is the only proven solution that improves business process efficiency and eliminates information silos to facilitate productive communication and encourage economic growth through project completion.  At Avolve, we invented electronic plan… Continue reading How You Can See Immediate Benefits of Implementing ProjectDox

3 Benefits of ProjectDox for Emergency Response Planning

By William Hodder

Nobody wants to talk about or think about a small or large emergency occurring in a city but, unfortunately, the reality is that they occur.  We see headline after headline about emergencies of all sorts occurring on a daily basis all over the world.  When those emergencies occur there is often chaos, confusion, and a… Continue reading 3 Benefits of ProjectDox for Emergency Response Planning

San Jose, Detroit, and Hamilton Select ProjectDox!

By Helen Cooley

Avolve is excited to announce that our solutions have recently been selected by the awesome cities of San Jose, Detroit and Hamilton, Canada.  We look forward to bringing the power of ProjectDox and more to these jurisdictions!

ProjectDox Goes Live in Gainesville FL with 4 Workflows!

By Helen Cooley

Gainesville is the county seat and largest city in Alachua County, Florida with a population of 127,000.  Home to the University of Florida, the City of Gainesville is also a recognized world-leader in solar power.  The City has just brought ProjectDox online to accelerate and improve four of their critical business processes in the Building,… Continue reading ProjectDox Goes Live in Gainesville FL with 4 Workflows!

4 Departments ProjectDox Benefits

By William Hodder

As the industry’s leading ePlan review software, ProjectDox serves a variety of municipalities and the unique departments within each of those municipalities.  This state-of-the-art software is transforming operations across the country by improving communication, document storage, document distribution, application submission and project completion.   Projects are able to move along far more smoothly than previously possible. … Continue reading 4 Departments ProjectDox Benefits

Avolve Provides Training & Education

By William Hodder

At Avolve, we have taken years of experience and industry knowledge to carefully craft our products that include ProjectDox, OAS (Online Application Submission), and PlansAnywhere.  Our products more than perform; they transform operations, save time, save money and ultimately accelerate economic growth within communities.  Through the use of our products, communities are dramatically reducing their… Continue reading Avolve Provides Training & Education

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