3 Advantages of OAS

3 Advantages of OAS

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Avolve is proud to offer our customers a selection of tools that can streamline processes, improve communication, improve safety, save money, save time and more.  One product, OAS (Online Application Submission), works cohesively with ProjectDox’s ePlan systems to simplify the application submission process.  OAS has a full-featured interface that creates an unparalleled experience when conducting online business with customers, partners and internal staff.  If you are unsure what OAS can offer to you as a city or municipality, explore three major benefits of implementing OAS in your city.

  1. Easy to Submit Permit Application
  • Whether you have submitted an application or you work for a public works department or other government department that receives applications, you know the process is antiquated, time consuming and crying out to be made more efficient.    OAS streamlines the process, makes it easy to submit applications through ProjectDox’s portal which is completely online.  No more driving down to the government building, finding parking, waiting in line, submitting the applications, and then waiting and wondering about the status of your application.  With OAS, you can submit your application from anywhere that has a secure internet connection and through your registered account you can check the status of your application, submit any additional documents and get alerted as soon as it has been approved.

2. Online Account Registrations & Management

  • Through our completely secure online portal in OAS, you can create a personal account and, once registered, you can manage your account as well as your applications.  OAS is incredibly secure so once you have signed into a secure internet connection you can login, check statuses, make changes and more.  Additionally once you have a registered account it will remember your information, making filling out future applications much easier.

3. Provides a Complete Set of Tools & Information Objects

  • OAS is not simply a portal but provides the user with a complete set of tools and information objects that improves efficiency. Within OAS you can confirm proper address and geo-location.  Additionally, you can submit and retrieve multiple permit applications.  This portal is not just for each individual application submission but can be used to manage all of your permit applications.  You can also verify all required plans, documents and data per permit.  This helps prevent time-consuming delays because you were missing a necessary document and ensures things go as smoothly as possible.  OAS also helps you stay informed on every application and review status so that you are not left wondering what is going on.  Additionally, it provides you to convenience of being able to pay all required fees within the portal .

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