3 Advantages of Online Application Submission (OAS)

3 Advantages of Online Application Submission (OAS)

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Online Application Submission, or OAS, is a tool that we at Avolve have created to work seamlessly with ProjectDox ePlan systems by organizing a full-featured interface to conduct online business with customers, partners and internal staff.  OAS is a unique and innovative web application that makes it easy to submit permit and plan review applications via a jurisdiction’s website. OAS is reliable and completely secure.  Users can create their own user profile and are given credentials.  Once logged in they can access the information they need, submit documents and applications and check their account status.  With OAS’s online account registrations and profile management, users can simply log into their account and select the proper application for submission.  OAS is a valuable asset and tool and below we discuss 3 advantages that OAS provides to all users:

  1. OAS features a complete set of tools and information objects that allow you to perform and manage all of your front-end tasks, such as:
    • Confirm proper address and geo-location
    • Submit and retrieve multiple permit applications
    • Verify all required plans, documents and data per permit
    • Stay informed on every application and review status
    • Pay all required fees
  2. Avolve Software builds information and process bridges for built environment data, eliminating barriers among industries, agencies, departments and data silos. Our solutions utilize administrative, document management, GIS and financial systems to enable collaboration on structured and unstructured content.  OAS enhances collaboration and eliminates the common silos that often occur by simplifying and streamlining processes.  OAS works as a unique hub through which companies, citizens, agencies and departments can facilitate document and information sharing and submission which is then shared with ProjectDox, enhancing efficiency and communication.  Further, OAS provides information to payment and permit systems, further enhancing efficiency in the easiest way possible.
  3. OAS stores data for all activities, even incomplete permit and review submissions, allowing users to save and return to their work, copy selected application forms, check status of their plan review projects and make fee payments online. OAS administration tools, online help and integrations to permitting systems make it a true One Stop Shop for built environment business empowered by electronic government. OAS works for all types of applications including construction, infrastructure, events, and all other types of applications.

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