3 Advantages of ProjectDox Workflows

3 Advantages of ProjectDox Workflows

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ProjectDox is the leading ePlan software solution and its workflows are revolutionizing jurisdictions across North America.  Avolve’s product are currently in use in over 140 jurisdictions are the number is only growing because jurisdiction after jurisdiction is realizing the benefits that ProjectDox has to offer.  ProjectDox’s workflows are extraordinary and they enable collaborative business processes for departments including building, planning, public safety and more! With the workflows, departments can automate plan review processes, collaborate on projects, and access ‘as-built’ information.

At Avolve, we used our extensive domain experience to carefully develop workflows that would be exceptionally useful for a variety of jurisdictions.  Further, our workflows can be customized as needed based on unique jurisdiction needs.  We have established effective workflows for building permits, planning and zoning, land development, capital improvement projects, public works projects, parks and planning, public safety planning, and more.  Our workflows improve efficiency and collaboration but there are three primary reasons that ProjectDox workflows are the best of the best.

  1. Safe Choice
    • With ProjectDox workflows, you never have to worry that you are gambling on software and workflows that may not be beneficial or useful. Our Avolve team is dedicated to your success and our services and experience will give you the assurance that you our workflows will work for you.  We provide our clients with the ability to customize workflows as needed, receive training, have the option to use our secure hosting service, provide technical support and more.
  2. Best-in-Class Workflows
    • Our workflows are not just exceptional – they are proven. At Avolve, we are the market leader and innovator and we have implemented ProjectDox in hundreds of jurisdictions with profound success.  Our best-in-class workflows were designed through the consolidation and refinement of tens of thousands of customer interactions, design and development hours, and research to ensure that our workflows perform.  Our workflows are pre-configured for planning, building, public works, fire safety and more and are straightforward and easy to implement.
  3. Immediate Benefits
    • When you implement ProjectDox workflows, you do not have to wait an extended period of time to experience benefits – they are immediate. We utilize our domain experience in working with hundreds of jurisdictions to ensure our on-boarding is efficient and quick.  Our workflows will be up and running in no time and, should you need customization we can help you determine your needs and how to best manage them with a fully customized workflow that will also be on-boarded quickly.

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