3 Benefits of ProjectDox for Emergency Response Planning

3 Benefits of ProjectDox for Emergency Response Planning

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Nobody wants to talk about or think about a small or large emergency occurring in a city but, unfortunately, the reality is that they occur.  We see headline after headline about emergencies of all sorts occurring on a daily basis all over the world.  When those emergencies occur there is often chaos, confusion, and a lot of emergency response personnel rushing around trying to help and control the situation.  But how do various emergency response personnel coordinate and work together effectively and efficiently to get the information they need, communicate, and coordinate efforts amongst the chaos and confusion.  Unfortunately, often, these circumstances lead to miscommunication, errors and delays and when emergencies are transpiring, every second counts and errors can mean life or death.

ProjectDox may be the industry’s leading ePlan software but it is far more than that.  It is an invaluable tool for emergency planning, effectively helping protect property and save lives during emergencies.ProjectDox stores the most accurate and current information, building plans, and more, in one secure location that can be accessed by any authorized personnel at any moment from any smart device with secure internet connection.  At Avolve, we know that fire and emergency response personnel need accurate, timely access to Built Environment information to meet citizens’ needs.  Below are three reasons ProjectDox is ideal for Emergency Response Planning.

  1. Accurate Information
    • Unlike paper plans that are often not frequently updated and therefore do not contain the most accurate information, ProjectDox can be updated from the field and instantly stores all of the most accurate information for anyone that is accessing it.
  2. Immediate Access
    • Paper plans can be destroyed in emergencies, leaving behind no trace of the information you need. Further, paper plans can be misplaced for any number of reasons.  When information is stored in ProjectDox, it is always there, always secure, always accessible, the instant emergency response personnel need it. Plans can be accessed from field-deployed units and the command center simultaneously, allowing responding units to be on the same page at all times.
  3. Pre-Planning Capabilities
    • Some emergencies are impossible to anticipate but many can be roughly anticipated and planned for with multiple contingencies and options. With ProjectDox, plans can be accessed and even marked up to develop pre-planned responses for a variety of emergencies.  Key items, such as gas and electric shut-offs, stand pipes, master elevator controls, security controls, and all access points can be identified and highlighted.  Further, all hazardous materials can be marked and logged.  By taking these measures, if an emergency occurs, there is a plan in place that can help emergency response personnel respond more accurately and efficiently.


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