3 Components of the ProjectDoxePlan Life Cycle

3 Components of the ProjectDoxePlan Life Cycle

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At Avolve Software, we have carefully designed a suite of software products uniquely capable of interfacing in such a way that they provide full life cycle service. It is one thing to improve the application process but if the review and approval process are not improved then efficiency cannot truly be improved. If inter-office efficiency is improved but the citizen application process is still time-consuming, confusing and just inefficient then you will still receive frequent complaints. And, even if you improve both but do nothing with all of the data you have collected then you are not taking full advantage of what is right at your fingertips. Avolve Software’s suite of software products work exceptionally well together to ensure that each jurisdiction maximizes their investment, efficiency and community safety when through the entire ePlan life cycle. Below are the three components of the ProjectDoxePlan life cycle and how they work seamlessly together.
3 Components of the ProjectDoxePlan Life Cycle
1. OAS
• It all begins in Online Application Submission (OAS). A citizen applicant registers and creates a secure account and then submits their permit and plan review applications. Once submitted, the application goes to the appropriate personnel within a government for review. Online citizen profiles can be managed and updated with the click of a button and all information is stored to make filling out future applications much quicker.
2. ProjectDox
• Once the application has been submitted the pertinent personnel are notified and the review approval can begin. Every stage of the process is documented within ProjectDox to ensure that everyone is one the same page at all times. All edits and changes are noted so that there is complete transparency. Through improved efficiency, building plan approvals can be completed more quickly and that stimulates revenue and job growth.
3. PlansAnywhere
• Paper plans are outdated, often inaccurate, and always inefficient. With PlansAnywhere, personnel can be granted access and with their login and a secure internet connection they can access and review plans right from the site. All key site data related to a structure is catalogued by geo-location. Inspectors will be able to get things done more quickly which improves their efficiency and community safety will be improved, particularly in the event of an emergency.

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