3 Reasons Avolve’s PlansAnywhere Beats Traditional Filing Systems

3 Reasons Avolve’s PlansAnywhere Beats Traditional Filing Systems

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Plans, inspection reports and media: Building projects both small and large generate a massive amount of documentation that needs to be securely stored, yet still accessible to stakeholders. Traditionally, that would involve filing away physical copies and then paying someone to retrieve them upon request. Digital storage of information, however, offers an alternative. That’s where PlansAnywhere comes into play. The digital storage software developed by Avolve combines the Salesforce 1 Platform, open data and secure cloud storage to create a system that protects your data while providing easy access to it. Here are three reasons why digital storage is superior to traditional systems.

Traditional Filing Systems Are Inefficient

In today’s digital world, the traditional filing system is a relic from the past. Aside from being a waste of paper, the antiquated practice of loading filing cabinets, rooms or whole warehouses with physical documents is highly inefficient. The time-consuming process of retrieving files from such a system is a drain on productivity. With digital file storage, on the other hand, accessing data is quick and easy. And the versatile PlansAnywhere allows for the integration of multiple data systems, such as Avolve’s industry-leading ePlan solution ProjectDox. Digital storage is the standard in business, retaining an archaic storage system puts you behind the game from the outset.

PlansAnywhere Enhances Collaboration

From project managers and planners to code-enforcement officers and concerned citizens, there are many stakeholders involved in any building project. PlansAnywhere allows all of them to access information about a project, on demand, from any location via iOS and web browsers. The software facilitates easier completion of field-to-office tasks. Utilizing Google Maps as its main user interface, PlansAnywhere records information for a particular project site on a timeline, providing an easy way for stakeholders to stay up to date on a project’s progress. In the event of a fire or some other emergency at a site, digital storage of site plans gives first responders easy access to the information they need to put together a response plan.

Digital Storage is More Secure

Storing physical copies of plans and documents leaves them vulnerable to damage from environmental factors, such as water or fire, and increases the chances that they can be misplaced – resulting in precious time wasted searching for them– or lost altogether. Digital data storage via PlansAnywhere, however, integrates redundancy and backup, ensuring that your data is secure and easily accessible at the same time.

Technology continues to change the way organizations operate. Digital storage of files with PlansAnywhere from Avolve will ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve.

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