3 Software Products to Improve City Planning and Building Operations

3 Software Products to Improve City Planning and Building Operations

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City planning and building departments need operational efficiency and transparency now more than ever before.  At Avolve Software, we have been intricately involved with city planning and building departments for many years and we understand the challenges these departments face, the operational needs that are present, and how to plan for future needs.  We have utilized our decades of experience, knowledge, and education to carefully design software products that will not only improve business operations and efficiency but continue to provide a return on investment for years to come.  Below are 3 software products that improve city planning and building operations.

3 Software Products to Improve City Planning and Building Operations

  1. ProjectDox
    • ProjectDox is in the industry-leading ePlan review solution and is currently being used by more than 100 cities and counties across North America. ProjectDox can be used to improve plan review efficiency, facilitate communication and collaboration, improve operational transparency, and accelerate job growth and community growth.
  2. Online Application Submission (OAS)
    • Online Application Submission, also known as OAS, is a web application that is designed to make it easy for both the citizen applicant and government departments to handle application submissions. It is very easy for the citizen applicant to submit and pay for permits and plan review applications directly on the jurisdiction’s web site.
  3. PlansAnywhere
    • PlansAnywhere is the answer to many needs within today’s mobile world of conducting business and running government departments. PlansAnywhere allows the user to have field access from anywhere using a smart device, phone, tablet, or computer with secure internet connection.  The user is able to view all key site information including drawings, documents, and genealogy related to a building or structure.  PlansAnywher uses geo-location to make it easy to quickly find the information you need whether conducting ga site inspection or in the event of an emergency for emergency personnel and first responders.

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