3 Ways ProjectDox Automates & Manages Community Planning Operations

3 Ways ProjectDox Automates & Manages Community Planning Operations

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Prosperous and successful communities do not come about spontaneously.  They are carefully planned with strategic design and vision and practical approaches to accommodate the developmental process of today as well as the needs of the citizens and stakeholders.  Community Planning departments can sometimes get locked up in the gridlock of government processes and slow communication processes.  At Avolve, we recognize these common challenges and have carefully crafted ProjectDox to help bypass typical delays to expedite communication and improve processes.  Below we more closely examine 3 ways ProjectDox automates and manages community planning operations.  With the implementation of ProjectDox, these three benefits will be realized and community governments will be able to promote well-designed, livable and prosperous communities that help further growth for everyone through the facilitation of short and long range plans.

  1. One Destination for Communication
    • ProjectDox functions as a central hub for document storage, editing and management as well as a hub for communication. Rather than communication moving slowly or there being misunderstandings, all communication can happen in one place so that everyone is on the same page at the same time.  Typically, a government project may see ebbs and flows in communications and those lags slow things down, often end up costing everyone more money, and frustrate everyone.  ProjectDox supports every stage of the business process, from planning to building through the management and access of as-built information.
  2. Automated Updates
    • When editing occurs or project information is updated everyone is automatically updated. This helps avoid miscommunication or slow communication.  Community planning operations that can have communications automated include land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, integration to GIS and more.ProjectDox’s best-in-class planning workflow provides templates for projects, as well as checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps that help to automate the planning process.
  3. Audit Trail
    • ProjectDox tracks and stores all communications and document edits within a project to ensure that a complete audit trail is maintained. This helps avoid questions and provides complete project transparency which is beneficial for effective communication between government departments, citizens and community stakeholders.  The audit trail helps facilitate effective collaboration as well as efficient processes among stakeholders that are seeking to achieve the balanced community vision and advancing economic growth that everyone wants.

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