4 Benefits of PlansAnywhere

4 Benefits of PlansAnywhere

By Administrator

At Avolve, we are proud to offer a selection of products that streamline procedures and communication to avoid information silos, improve efficiency, save money, save time and much more.  PlansAnywhere is an incredibly useful tool that leverages the power of the Salesforce 1 Platform, secures cloud storage, opens data models and delivers technologies to enable optimal field-to-office communication and collaboration to all built environment stakeholders.  PlansAnywhere offers a variety of benefits and below we explore 4 advantages of PlansAnywhere from which anyone can benefit.

  1. Simple access to plans/documents, data and media on mobile devices (iOS and browsers)
  • You can access plans, documents, data and media, wherever you are, whenever you need them.  With your secure login for PlansAnywhere, as well as a secure internet connection, you can be in an office, on a job site, or traveling around the world and access the information you need.  This is particularly beneficial because you can access all key site information, drawings, documents and genealogy related to a building or structure by a geo-location.  Your inspectors’ efficient mobile access to information will allow them to do much more in a day which improves efficiency and community safety.

2. Work off-line when wireless connection is unavailable; sync on re-connect

  • Even if you do not have access to a wireless connection, you can work on any documents, plans or other information whenever you want.  Simply work off-line and then sync upon re-connect so that everything is as updated and current as possible.

3. Site Timeline keeps track of site data and activity history/genealogy

  • So often, clear information and an accurate timeline about a site can be hard, if not impossible, to obtain.  PlansAnywhere eliminates confusion and keeps a detailed log of all site data including activity history and genealogy so that information is transparent and accurate.  The timeline and information is stored permanently within PlansAnywhere, regardless of how much time passes, so that information can be accessed easily and quickly should the need arise.

4. Integrate with multiple data systems: GIS (Google Maps), Construction Management, Security, Data Sensor, Permitting, Inspections, First-Response.

  • Not only can detailed information be maintained and accessed in PlansAnywhere, but it also integrates with multiple data systems including GIS (Google Maps), Construction Management, Security, Data Sensor, Permitting, Inspections, and First-Response.  Should you be on a job site and need information about permits, you can access it.  Should an emergency occur, emergency personnel will have access to the most current information they need about a structure.

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