4 Departments ProjectDox Benefits

4 Departments ProjectDox Benefits

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As the industry’s leading ePlan review software, ProjectDox serves a variety of municipalities and the unique departments within each of those municipalities.  This state-of-the-art software is transforming operations across the country by improving communication, document storage, document distribution, application submission and project completion.   Projects are able to move along far more smoothly than previously possible.  This improvement in efficiency saves time, reduces frustration and saves money – something every municipality can appreciate. Information and content are no longer trapped in information silos between departments and stakeholders.  It is a real solution that fuels economic growth by providing best practice process workflows for a variety of departments.  Further, ProjectDox works hand-in-hand with OAS (Online Application Submission) and PlansAnywhere to provide the ultimate solution to any potential needs that may arise.ProjectDox has proven itself time and time again in an array of ways and below we describe just how ProjectDox can help these 4 unique departments.


  1. Building Departments
    • Building departments facilitate economic growth but traditionally, in doing so, it has been wrapped up in slow communication and inefficient distribution of information and paperwork. ProjectDox improves the efficiency of paper movement and storage while also accelerating the permitting process as well as making it easy to review documents and drawings, process corrections, and monitor and improve the work process.
  2. Planning & Zoning
    • ProjectDox has an assortment of pre-determined workflows in place to make implementation simple but workflows can also be customized to meet any unique needs. These workflows for planning and zoning make it possible to effectively collaborate while efficiently improving processes among stakeholders that re seeking to achieve a balanced community vision while simultaneously advancing economic growth.
  3. Public Works & Capital Projects
    • Public Works and Capital Projects departments deal with a complex set of demands on a daily basis. These complex demands include a variety of planning, collaboration, review and approval, and ongoing operations functions.  The exchange and collaboration on project drawings, documents and other information is simple and streamlined thanks to a flexible information and workflow framework within ProjectDox.
  4. Emergency Response Planning
    • All municipalities must have a comprehensive emergency response plan in place for a variety of potential emergencies. When emergencies occur, fire and emergency response personnel need accurate, timely access to built environment information to meet citizen needs.  Not only does ProjectDox make it simple to store and update built environment information but remote access is also possible, making response time much quicker and more accurate.



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