4 Reasons Why Your Department Should Use ProjectDox

4 Reasons Why Your Department Should Use ProjectDox

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ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software and is being used all over the country.  ProjectDox is the result of Avolve’s labor of love and expertise.  Using years of experience and insider industry knowledge, Avolve developed ProjectDox which streamlines communication, helps departments go paperless, serves as a central hub where project information can be distributed, stored, accessed and updated, and a tool to complete projects more quickly.  If that was not enough, we wanted to clarify exactly why we think all departments, big or small, should be using ProjectDox, which we do in the 4 bullet points below.

  1. Plan Review for Permitting
    • As the industry’s only proven solution, ProjectDox is able to deliver better service to departments, citizens and stakeholders alike by reducing review time which speeds along accurate project completion and accelerates economic growth. Further, old problem of inefficiency through paper movement and storage is eliminated by distributing and storing all documents in ProjectDox.  With ProjectDox, individuals involved in a project can easily submit permits, review documents and drawings, process corrections, and monitor and improve the work process.
  2. Planning and Zoning
    • Within ProjectDox, we have established a number of workflows for planning and zoning that enable effective collaboration and efficient processes among stakeholders that are seeking to achieve a balanced community vision while advancing economic growth. By implementing ProjectDox, departments such as Planning and Zoning can make the important move towards a digital future that is more efficient and effective.
  3. Public Works and Capital Projects
    • Public Works and Capital Projects face an enormous set of tasks and obstacles in their day to day work. Large public works often require a wide variety of planning, collaboration, review and approval, as well as ongoing operations functions.  ProjectDox facilitates better information exchange and collaboration with project drawings, documents and other information by providing a consistent flexible information and workflow framework.  Further, concurrent reviews can take place which expedites processes significantly to speed completion.
  4. Public Safety Planning
    • Public safety is incredibly important to every jurisdiction and, as so, it is imperative that fire and emergency response personnel receive accurate, timely access to built environment information so that they can meet citizens’ needs. Fortunately, with ProjectDox, that is exactly what emergency response personnel get.  ProjectDox allows for remote plan access from field-deployed units and the command center simultaneously which allows for responding units to be on the same page at all times.


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