4 Reasons to Use PlansAnywhere

4 Reasons to Use PlansAnywhere

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For those that work in a city’s built environment, on-the-go access to accurate information, building plans or other documents is not simply a helpful tool, it is critical to efficiency and effective service.  Avolve’s PlansAnywhere advantageously utilizes the power of the Salesforce 1 Platform which includes secure cloud storage, open data models and delivery technologies to enable field-to-office communication and collaboration to all built environment stakeholders.  PlansAnywhere enables department personnel to access their community built environment so that they can organize information efficiently, process documentation and make informed decisions through a mobile solution that literally goes with you wherever there is access to a secure internet connection.  Additionally, PlansAnywhere can be incredibly helpful in the event of emergency, providing detailed and accurate information to emergency response personnel in the field where they need it, when they need it.  We believe that every community can benefit from PlansAnywhere and below we list 4 important reasons why.

  1. Access Information
    • On the go access to information saves time and money. With PlansAnywhere, building and structure site information is accessible by desktop or iPad devices that have a secure internet connection.  PlansAnywhere provides access to plans, documents, data and media on various mobile devices (iOS and other browsers)
  2. Field Use
    • Inspectors can capture photos using a smart device, such as an iPad for site review and code enforcement. Through the use of PlansAnywhere, those photos are instantly stored and managed as part of the community’s built environment information.  Further, PlansAnywhere integrates with multiple data systems that include GIS (Google Maps), Construction Management, Security, Data Sensor, Permitting, Inspections, First-Response to ensure that personnel in the field have the most accurate, up-to-date information available.
  3. Offline Usability
    • Though access to information and updating capabilities are available whenever a user has a secure internet connection, offline usability is also possible with PlansAnywhere. Users have the ability to select multiple files for offline access on mobile device when wireless connection is unavailable and all work is synced once reconnected online.
  4. Process Work
    • Inspectors often have to make notes or retain information to later add to their paper files about various community sites during their day to day work. With PlansAnywhere, inspectors can find and add site information customized for their work process right on the job in the field.  The site timeline keeps track of all site data and activity history/genealogy. This improves accuracy and efficiency tremendously.

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