4 Step Implementation For Success

4 Step Implementation For Success

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At Avolve, we know that implementing new technology or software is a challenge at any business in any industry.  We know that IT will bristle at the sound of implementing new software because not only does it pose a number of challenges, but a number of potential security risks as well.  The good news is – we know this because of our extensive experience and knowledge, which means we have taken it into account in the design of our software as well as the implementation process.  Our electronic plan review transforms business operations and our customer-facing revolutionizes the way you collaborate with citizens and the business community.  We want our clients to be successful in their use of our software so we help make implementation as seamless and secure as possible.  Our consultants can help your company improve your business operations and achieve superior financial results with our four step implementation process that is as follows:

  1. Mobilize:  Bringing together stakeholders, we review the project plan and expected outcomes.  Roles are clearly defined and expectations set.  A final product review puts all participants on the same page.
  2. Map: Best practice workflows are the foundation for facilitated requirements gathering sessions.  Together, we generate business process maps that describe how the system will work.
  3. Configure:  Our experts use ProjectDox tools — project templates, eForms, workflow designer, and checklists — to encapsulate your business process in ProjectDox.
  4. On-boarding: User Acceptance Testing, hands-on training, community outreach — a comprehensive on-boarding approach accelerates user adoption.

At Avolve, we are there for our clients at literally every step in the process.  We help you install and mobilize our products and then we generate workflows that will benefit your specific and unique needs, ensuring maximization of our product benefits.  All of our products tools can be customized for your specific business process so that ease of use is ensured.  Further, we believe in a “train the trainer” approach.  By this we mean that we provide hands-on training to our clients and then we prepare them to be capable of training other department personnel or any new employees that may come aboard.  This ensures that a good, working knowledge is established, that complete comfort using our product is not just in our presence but out of the presence of our training staff, and that the product will be fully utilized by a department.  And, once implemented, we do not leave our clients.  We provide ongoing support, training and education about products to ensure complete customer satisfaction

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