4 Steps to Easy Online Application Submission Easy

4 Steps to Easy Online Application Submission Easy

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Online Application Submission (OAS) is the solution to every community’s application submission efficiency needs.  Any community, whether large or small, that still uses paper-based applications as the only option, is missing an opportunity for significantly improved efficiency that expedites projects and saves money.OAS, provides citizens with access to a jurisdiction’s web portal that allows them to submit permit and plan review applications.  OAS works seamlessly with ProjectDox but provides customers with an applicant-facing interface that is easy to use and eliminates the guesswork for an applicant.  Additionally, OAS can integrate with a jurisdiction’s permitting system and online fee payment processing.  Now there is no delay in waiting for fees to be collected or forms to be corrected, OAS dramatically reduces errors with wizard-style help tips within forms and accepts payments all in one place.  No need to worry that generic forms will not work for your unique jurisdiction – you can create customizable eForms that enable easy online submission and can trigger the start of the plan review workflow process in ProjectDox.  For the applicant, submitting forms has never been easier!  Below are the 4 simple steps an applicant will need to complete in OAS.

  1. Create Account
    • An applicant will only need to create an account one time. OAS will manage the applicant account creation and profile and use the information provided to auto-fill form fields, making all future submissions even easier and quicker.
  2. Choose a Form
    • Once the applicant has created an account, they simply choose a form from the selection of jurisdiction applications. Forms can also provide configured entry choices to reduce applicant error which saves time and money.
  3. Complete the Form
    • Once the applicant has selected the appropriate form, OAS will try to make the process as easy as possible by auto-filling any relevant information that is stored. Additionally, OAS will provide valid entry choice drop lists and dynamic form choices based on responses.  Applicants can also edit previous applications to quickly create new or multiple similar submissions.
  4. Submit & Pay
    • Once all of the form’s required fields have been fully entered, the applicant can then submit and pay, all in one safe and secure location. Once the payment has been received, it starts the ProjectDox plan review process and the first task will be for the applicant to upload project files to be reviewed.


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