5 Benefits That City, County and State Governments Realize By Implementing ProjectDox

5 Benefits That City, County and State Governments Realize By Implementing ProjectDox

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At Avolve, we often talk about the various departments to which ProjectDox can provide enormous benefit. And, while this is certainly true, it is also true that ProjectDox can also provide its many benefits to various size governments including city, county and state governments. Every government wants to facilitate growth through efficient collaboration and communication as well as protect property and create a safe place in which to live. Having access to accurate information about the built environment is something that government departments need, but it is also something that contractors need as well as fire and emergency response personnel. Access to accurate information in a timely fashion will help everyone meet citizen needs and can literally save lives in the event of an emergency.

ProjectDox works to eliminate information silos and improve efficiency which boosts revenue and accelerates jobs. And while this benefits the planning and zoning departments as well as building departments, ProjectDox also stores accurate and up-to-date information which can be a critical tool in the event of an emergency. Any information about the built environment is not only stored but can be accessed remotely from any smart device that has a secure internet connection. In the event of an emergency this will save precious time as all approved emergency response personnel can simultaneously access information about the built environment to strategize and develop a plan to end the emergency. ProjectDox allows emergency response agencies to not only access and view information but to mark up building plans for any building in your jurisdiction instantaneously. It is an incredibly improvement upon the archaic paper system. Plans can be accessed from field-deployed units and the command center simultaneously which keeps responding units on the same page at all times. City, county and state governments can realize all of the following benefits from ProjectDox:

  • Pre-plan emergency response with the aid of full marked-up drawings
  • Identify and highlight key items such as, Gas and Electric Shut-offs, Stand Pipes, Master Elevator
  • Controls, Security Controls, and all Access Points
  • Mark and log the location of all stored hazardous materials
  • Coordinate response by centralizing information and accessing plans wirelessly
  • Instant, automated status notifications can be triggered from the field when drawings are accessed

Nobody wants to endure chaos and misinformation in the event of an emergency but, tragically, this often occurs because people simply do not have access to the information they need in a timely fashion. When an emergency arises, it is critical to have an easy-to-understand action plan. In addition to storing plans and information about the built environment, ProjectDox allows you to store an action plan that can be shared between multiple response teams as well as the command center for a more coordinated and efficient response that increases the capability to save valuable property and human life.

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