5 Reasons Building Departments Need ProjectDox

5 Reasons Building Departments Need ProjectDox

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Today’s modern cities face a number of building challenges.  New technologies, demand for speed, budget shortages, and more make effective and efficient city building more challenging than ever before.  No doubt about it, it is imperative when buildings are designed and constructed that they are structurally sound.  It protects citizen safety and prevents significant financial losses down the line.  But, building a structurally sound building should not have to come at the sacrifice of efficiency and budget.  Collaboration between departments and stakeholders is often fraught with potential hazards such as information silos, miscommunication, misplaced documents, and more.  Traditional ways of completing building projects were simply inefficient and more costly than necessary. For that reason, Avolve Software developed ProjectDox, the industry’s leading ePlan solution.  ProjectDox powers economic growth, delivers better constituent service, reduces review cycle times, increases transparency, and enhances collaboration.  Below are 5 reasons that every city building department of any size needs to implement ProjectDox.

5 Reasons Building Departments Need ProjectDox

  1. Improved Process Efficiency
    • Many building departments struggle with inefficient manual processes that are overly time consuming and unnecessarily delay projects. With ProjectDox there is no more waiting around for a paper file to make its way through various departments for reviews and approvals. All documents are kept in one place and  accessible from any smart phone, tablet or laptop from anywhere with a secure internet connection which makes for the quickest and most efficient way of completing a building project.
  2. Reduce Paper Usage
    • Most businesses and governments are trying to get away from using so much paper and if they are not, they should be. Electronic forms and communication are more efficient and eco-friendly than paper.
  3. Improved Project Collaboration
    • Collaborating with other departments can be slow, information can be lost in silos, information gets lost in translation and projects are unnecessarily delayed as a result. ProjectDox improves collaboration because all information is contained in one central hub so there is no more searching for information or documents.
  4. Improved Information Availability
    • Project collaboration between government departments and citizen stakeholders can be challenging, particularly when information is locked away in a data silo. ProjectDox makes information available and accessible to anyone that has been approved whenever they need it.
  5. Increased Project Transparency
    • ProjectDox keeps a detailed log of all project changes or updates as well as the most current plans or documents. This makes project transparency easy because you can see what is happening in real time and see who is making what changes and when.

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