5 Ways to Stay Educated and Trained On the Latest with ProjectDox

5 Ways to Stay Educated and Trained On the Latest with ProjectDox

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ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software.  It revolutionizes the way cities are able to receive forms, store data, transmit data, collaborate on projects, and more.  And, while you may have uniquely configured ProjectDox to your needs upon initial installation, there are times when you will want or need additional training or education.  Fortunately, at Avolve Software, we not only provide you with the software, we provide you with outstanding training, education and support to ensure you can maximize ProjectDox at any stage.  We offer training and education services as well as classes that will enhance your investment in ProjectDox.  We have user guides, training manuals, templates to create custom training materials, presentations, agendas and curriculum.  Below are 5 ways that you can stay educated and trained on the latest with ProjectDox.

5 Ways to Stay Educated and Trained on the Latest with ProjectDox

  1. Web Delivered Training Classes
    • Depending on your office size or amount of personnel, it may be impractical to have them all leave the same time to receive training. For this reason, we offer web-delivered Avolve Standard Training Courses that allow you to receive the latest ProjectDox training at your convenience.
  2. On-Site Training Courses
    • For clients that prefer on-site training, Avolve offers on-site training courses and/or the option to receive customized training depending on your unique jurisdiction needs.
  3. Training Materials
    • We do not just supply you with software and leave you with one training manual. We supply you with all of the training materials you need to keep on hand and reuse as you need to train additional personnel.
  4. Knowledge-Base Resources
    • We have extensive experience and provide all clients with access to our Knowledge-Base Resources.
  5. ProjectDox User Groups (PDUGs)
    • ProjectDox User Groups are exceptionally popular because they allow you to meet with other administrators, IT managers, line-of-business managers, or other government officials to discuss how ProjetDox is being used in a myriad of ways across the country, Additionally, Avolve hosts ProjectDox User Group Conferences regionally and annually to bring together our users. At PDUG Conferences you will have the option to receive product training, learn best practices, get insider tips and tricks, learn more about partner solutions, participate in exciting activities and more.  It is also a great time to network, meet new acquaintances, and hear directly from Avolve representatives.  The 2018 PDUG-CON has been scheduled for April 2-4th, 2018 in Houston, Texas.

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