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Improving Time to Issuance – Small Cell Permits

New from Avolve –  Cloud-based Small Cell Solution

Small Cell Permit Volume Increasing and New FCC Rulings

5G is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications that targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity.  As a result, the FCC recently passed new mandates to speed up small cell (5G) permitting.  FCC-18-133 recommends non-discriminatory yardsticks for the expected time (“shot clock”) to process a small cell permit on an existing structure or new structure, along with what it believes are reasonable permit costs for doing those reviews.

Most localities believe they have a good process in place for handling wireless permits.  That may be the case for the volume of tower and small cell 4G permits that have been submitted over the last few years.  But the volume of wireless permits for deploying 5G is about to explode.

A 2018 survey by Accenture Strategy estimates that the wireless providers will invest approximately $275B in United States Infrastructure over the next few years.  A report from Accenture also estimates during the next three or four years, over 300,000 small cells will need to be deployed, which is “roughly double the number of macro cells built over the last 30 years!

  • Verizon anticipates that network densification and the upgrade to 5G will require 10 to 100 times more antenna locations than currently exist.
  • AT&T estimates that providers will deploy hundreds of thousands of wireless facilities in the next few years alone—equal to or more than the number providers have deployed in total over the last few decades.
  • Sprint has announced plans to build at least 40,000 new small sites over the next few years.

Is your jurisdiction ready?  We can help.

Avolve is providing a small cell solution that can immediately help jurisdictions meet these FCC requirements.  Our SaaS-based small cell offering can be deployed rapidly.  It provides online applications for small cell pole attachments, replacements, new poles, etc.  It also provides workflows for fiber right-of-way reviews (internal and external agencies/private utilities).

This proven cloud-based submission and ePlan Review solution can typically be up and running in weeks – enabling the efficiencies of a standardized web-based process.  Avolve has also partnered with IBTS (Institute for Building Technology and Safety) to provide jurisdictions additional manpower to conduct submission reviews as required.

The community benefits for 5G are significant.  It is the future infrastructure required for a smart city vision. Accenture is estimating 5G could create up to 3M jobs and boost local and national economy growth.  With the FCC shot clock rulings, having an online submission and review solution specifically designed for small cell review processes, that can accurately track and report where time has been spent in the review approval becomes critically useful and important with respect to this FCC order.