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Small Cell (5G) Submission & Review

New from Avolve –  Cloud-based Small Cell Solution

Small Cell Permit Volume Increasing and New FCC Rulings

5G is the latest generation of cellular mobile communications that targets high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity.  As a result, the FCC recently passed new mandates to speed up small cell (5G) permitting.  FCC-18-133 recommends non-discriminatory yardsticks for the expected time (“shot clock”) to process a small cell permit on an existing structure or new structure, along with what it believes are reasonable permit costs for doing those reviews.

Avolve is providing a small cell solution that can immediately help jurisdictions meet these FCC requirements.

5G is the newest generation network that offers the speed and flexibility needed for an array of agriculture, health, transportation technology-based solutions, and more.



  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Community Innovation
  • Economic Growth & Competitiveness


Avolve is proactively working with progressive municipalities to help them prepare for an influx of new small cell permit applications and corresponding ePlan Reviews.

Our Cloud-based Solution provides:

  • Online Self-Serve Applications/Submissions
  • Apply, Pay, Submit, Review, Approve – all electronically
  • Configurable Workflow Process
  • Deploys Quickly
  • Powered by OAS/ProjectDox & Azure

Over the next few years all carriers will be delivering 5G to cities and rural communities across North America.  Progressive municipalities will need to prepare for an influx of new small cell permits.  Is your jurisdiction ready?

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