6 Features of OAS eForms

6 Features of OAS eForms

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Today, immediate and efficient access to the things we need is an expectation among businesses and consumers alike.  Avolve Software’s Online Application Submission (OAS) is the ideal solution for any jurisdiction that wants to have highly-configurable eForms that are both dynamic and intelligent which makes it super easy for applicants to start any submission process right online.  OAS is so beneficial to jurisdictions because it is a citizen access web portal so it helps reduce lines in government buildings, reduce the amount of personnel needed to handle application submissions, and makes application review and approval a much quicker process.  OAS is designed to work seamlessly with ProjectDox to expedite and improve the plan review process.  Below are 6 features of OAS eForms that have proven to be incredibly advantageous to clients.

6 Features of OAS eForms

  1. Self-Service
    • OAS is completely self-service, meaning that the citizen applicant can choose the form they need, complete it, and submit it, all from a secure online portal. Because it is so easy to use the applicant does not need the assistance of additional employees/personnel so it can actually be a cost-saving investment for a jurisdiction to make.
  2. Dynamic Application Forms
    • OAS application forms are wizard-style dynamic forms that offer help tips to ensure that it is always easy to use. This helps ensure applications get submitted correctly;, the first time.
  3. Auto-Populate Forms
    • The dynamic forms in OAS have an auto-populate feature that helps applicants save time and reduces the risk of applicants making errors on their forms.
  4. Accurate Address Information
    • OAS always confirms the address and geo-location pertinent to the application which saves a step for personnel, saves time, and helps move the process along more quickly.
  5. Multiple Application Submissions
    • At Avolve Software, we know that many people need to submit more than one application. OAS makes it easy to do so with easy-to-submit multiple applications and types, all in one convenient location.
  6. Online Fee Payment
    • Not only can applicants fill out their applications online but because OAS has the option to integrate with a jurisdiction’s permitting system, they can even pay their fees online in the secure portal.



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