About ProjectDoxEZ For Small Jurisdictions

About ProjectDoxEZ For Small Jurisdictions

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ProjectDox has long been a leading electronic plan review software solution, efficiently and effectively assisting some of the largest jurisdictions in country with their needs.  ProjectDox functions as an open-access hub where government employees in various departments, as well as citizens and other involved individuals can access important documents, plans, drawings and more for a specific project.  Within the hub, individuals can view important information, make changes, and communicate with others involved in a safe and secure environment.  Additionally, all changes and communication are logged so that there is no confusion and complete transparency.  This helps expedite project completion time, saving time and money and allowing for more projects to be completed.  ProjectDox has proven itself time and time again in large jurisdictions but that does not mean it does not work equally as well in smaller jurisdictions.  To better accommodate smaller jurisdictions, Avolve has developed ProjectDox EZ, a low cost ePlan solution that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of small jurisdictions.

Just because you are a smaller jurisdiction does not mean your needs are vastly different than those of a large jurisdiction.  In reality, they just may be a different scale.  But, smaller jurisdictions often struggle to complete projects quickly due to reduced resources and fewer personnel.  ProjectDox EZ is a low-cost solution that can be rapidly deployed to mitigate the problems of a smaller jurisdiction and improve project work and speed completion.  No longer will government employees or citizens be forced to labor through the archaic process of filling out paper form after paper form each time something must be submitted, changed or requested.  ProjectDox EZ facilitates rapid onboarding and we at Avolve will host your environment.  That means that no matter the size of your jurisdiction, there is no need to panic about needing to find additional IT personnel or accommodating additional information storage equipment.  We help you maintain and monitor your system and provide the service on a monthly subscription basis.  By offering monthly subscription plans it means lower startup costs so that you keep your capital free to maximize operating dollars within your jurisdiction.  Once you decide to implement our state of the art ePlan software we set a 30 day “Go-Live” target date to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  No longer must smaller jurisdictions be hindered by the tedious process of paperwork for projects.  With ProjectDox EZ, we quickly launch our program within your jurisdiction to help you enjoy the many benefits of going paperless and managing projects from within a secure hub to immensely benefit your community and business.

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