Access Key Built Environment Site Information Easily and Efficiently with PlansAnywhere

Access Key Built Environment Site Information Easily and Efficiently with PlansAnywhere

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There is nothing more frustrating than needing information and not having access to it.  For government personnel, builders, contractors, and inspectors, this is particularly true when completing a project in a jurisdiction’s built environment.  Built environment information is constantly changing, updates are made, buildings are torn down, new buildings are built, additions are made, etc.  When a new project needs to be completed or a site inspector needs to do their job they need access to the most accurate and up-to-date information about the built environment.  Unfortunately, with paper plans this is frequently not possible because plans are not at the site, are inaccurate, or are simply lost.  Because of this, processes are slowed down, delayed, and end up costing more than they should.  For this reason (and many more), all jurisdictions should implement the use of PlansAnywhere so that necessary personnel can access key built environment site information easily and efficiently.

You will if Avolve Software’s products do a few of the same things – they improve efficiency and make processes easier and more convenient.  And, because the information is stored in a centralized, secure portal, they improve mobility because they can be accessed from anywhere that has a secure internet connection on devices that include smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  Never before has accessing key built environment information been easier.  And, because building and site plans are updated in PlansAnywhere, it contains the most current version of the plans with all updated information.  This mobile solution uses a location-based data model or “site” which organizes information efficiently and makes processing documentation and making informed decisions far easier.

PlansAnywhere makes it possible for individuals with access permission to get site information in the office or in the field the minute they need it.  Additionally, inspectors can capture photos using their devises for site review and code enforcement.  And, another significant advantage is that PlansAnywhere can be used offline with the ability to select multiple files for offline access on a mobile device.  Then, all work is synced upon reconnection.  It makes it simple to ensure that key site information is not lost or forgotten because it is updated right from the site the minute the information is received.  The site timeline keeps track of all site data as well as history and genealogy so that there is never any information lost to information silos and, should an emergency occur, first responders are able to access the most current built environment site information.

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