How to Achieve Value Sooner

How to Achieve Value Sooner

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In today’s era of constantly evolving technology and new software with big promises, we at Avolve Software have proven that ProjectDox delivers big value, and it delivers it now.  ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan review software for a reason, it performs.  And not only does it perform, it will deliver immense value to you with immediate benefits so you do not have to wait months or year sto realize the benefits of implementation.  When you invest in software you want to see measurable change and with ProjectDox, your investment will provide just that.  You will be able to solve your applicants’ problems and improve your services at the beginning of the process – you do not have to wait for a lengthy permitting update to start seeing value.

When you implement a new permitting system it can take anywhere from 18 – 36+ months to install and cost anywhere from$500K to over $10M!  That, expensive investment, while important must be paid for somehow and with ProjectDox, your plan review process will accelerated to bring in more permit and tax fees which will help you pay for your permitting system. Fiatech™, the leading source for emerging, advanced and innovative capital project delivery practices notes that jurisdictions using ePlan technology have reduced plan review and approval times by 30 – 40% on average!

Jurisdictions have often complained that their typical pain points are poor communication, errors and inefficiency but those problems are aptly solved by automative the applicant submission and plan review process vs. actual permit issuance.  Most ePlan software products cannot come online untilafter the permitting system is installed or updated but ProjectDox is different.  ProjectDox can work as a stand-alone solution and installed indepently of any permitting software to automate the plan submission and review process which will immediately save time and costs of length paper review cycles.  But, ProjectDox can also integrate with any permitting system and you can start it with an existing permitting system then easily migrate it to a new permitting system in the future.  It is important to note that customers who install ePlan first, before a new permitting system, report greater internal and citizen satisfaction and success.  Customers have reported as much as an 80% return on investment in the first year and a 25% reduction in review times overall after only two months of using ProjectDox.


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