Advantages of Using ProjectDox Secure Hosted Service

Advantages of Using ProjectDox Secure Hosted Service

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ProjectDox offers a wide range of benefits to municipalities including streamlining building projects for improved efficiency, improved communication, and increased revenue.  ProjectDox has been used in hundreds of cities and through its use, economic growth has been accelerated.  Various departments can benefit from implementation, including Planning and Zoning, Public Works, Capital Projects, and Public Safety Planning.  ProjectDox can be installed in departments and hosted securely on your own servers but there is another option for those not interested in hosting and maintaining ProjectDox but that still want to enjoy the advantages that ProjectDox has to offer.  Avolve offers a ProjectDox Secure Hosted Service so that our customers that either are not interested in hosting the software, or do not have the IT and data infrastructure to host the software can still use ProjectDox.

Through a robust cloud service, Avolve manages and maintains all necessary data and keeps the software functioning as it should so that you can focus on your departmental needs.  Avolve runs ProjectDox, and stores all data in a completely secure, state-of-the-art data center.  All of the day-to-day maintenance that a complex program such as ProjectDox requires including installing, monitoring, managing, tuning, and upgrading will be handled by highly trained Avolve staff that are experts in ProjectDox.  These experts are well-versed in the nuances of the software and how to optimize it for your unique needs.  All ProjectDox workflows and integrations are completely customized to the individual client, not generalized for the most basic of needs, so you know that ProjectDox will meet your needs.  Department managers may have concerns about security but our data facility is highly-secure.  Data is segmented and completely secure from other hosted customers, never residing in the same database.  Additionally, there is no fear of costly, frustrating, lengthy stints of downtime because our Service Level Agreement guarantees that we carefully track up-time to maximize your productivity and efficiency.  While ProjectDox and its data will be managed remotely, there is no issue with system communication with our high-bandwidth integration and back-end systems including Community Development, ERP, and Document Management systems.  No matter what size municipality or department you run, ProjectDox can benefit you and immensely improve workflow for better communication and improved project efficiency that will increase revenue.  Do not let data management desires and capabilities stand in the way of such benefits.  Through Avolve’s ProjectDox Secure Hosted Service, we store and manage all data and optimize software for your needs so that you can stay focused on the work that is most important to your department.

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