All About the Training and Implementation That Avolve Provides to Clients

All About the Training and Implementation That Avolve Provides to Clients

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Training for ProjectDox Implementation

ProjectDox can help you meet your scheduling concerns and maintain your budget, but only if you know how to use it effectively. Just using the basic elements of it doesn’t always get you where you need to be. Instead of having software which sits on your computer and doesn’t make a difference in your workflow, get full training for the electronic planning review software from Avolve and be up and running in

Education Services From Avolve

There’s always a learning curve when using new software, but the provider can make it easier to implement new processes by providing training and support. Many companies just provide a user manual and let you learn as you go. With ProjectDox, you are welcome to read the user manual, but we provide so much more.

We offer training classes delivered via the Internet, which lets your team take the class on their schedule. This means you don’t have everyone in your office taking the training at the same time. However, if you prefer our team can come to your site and provide training for your team in your office. We have an education team that is here for you when implementing the program. In addition, once the training is complete, your team still has access to the user guides and manuals used during training, just in case they forget how to do something.

Why Choose ProjectDox?

ProjectDox doesn’t leave you after the initial training. We have an excellent tech support system which lets you track your problem through its entire life cycle. Our knowledge database is easily searchable to find answers to your questions, and we maintain a collaborative forum for our users to discuss their experiences. Whenever we update the program, we always give your team full information.

We also host annual events and regional networking conferences to let customers network and talk to our representatives who are developing the program. We bring together representatives from many different roles, including government officials, IT managers and program managers who use ProjectDox to provide additional training, tips, and solutions. It’s a business conference that lets you get inspired and take new ideas back to your community.

A lot of software companies leave you on your own with the technology once it’s installed. We don’t think like that. Our goal is to give your team the tools to be more efficient, and we work hard to make sure you’re getting the most of the ProjectDox software. You’re never alone when we’re part of the team.

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