An Introduction to How ProjectDox Interfaces With Other Business Applications

An Introduction to How ProjectDox Interfaces With Other Business Applications

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Integrating software into your workflow should reduce the time you and your team spends entering information. If your business applications don’t interface, then it’s redundant and a waste of time. Instead of having information silos, applications which don’t place nice and exchange information, get a better business solution. ProjectDox is tried and true software which not only updates the efficiency of your team, but it delivers data to other applications, saving even more time for your staff.

How Does ProjectDox Work?

ProjectDox is a software which enhances your team’s workflow processes. It’s a hosted platform, and it operates with different browsers. Your team can access the information they need from anywhere they have Internet access. The software is a project management tool for major building projects that require multiple agencies and departments to provide input. Tasks can be assigned to each individual team, and when it is completed, the information is stored for anyone to access. Managers can print reports to see if team members are getting the job done and have access to information about what needs to be completed.

Software Integration

ProjectDox integrates with many government software databases which require the information in its system to approve permits and applications. Our technology is completely customizable to fit the needs of your project, but it also works well for many communities straight out of the box. Our goal is to make your team more efficient and effective throughout the project, saving money, time, and stress. We have designed our software to work with the most popular permitting systems, including, but not limited to:

  • SunGard
  • Accela
  • Infor
  • CSI Magnet
  • Computronix
  • Tyler Technologies

In some cases, workflow can both two ways, where ProjectDox not only uploads information to the target application, but also receives information from the app.

Make Economic Growth Easier

ProjectDox makes the process from development to approval more streamlined for everyone involved. Each department uploads their information to the project in the same place. Individuals can be made responsible for their own information and given reminders to meet deadlines. Other managers and third-party agencies can be given access to review the information. Once all the data has been compiled, it can be submitted for approval. If edits are required, ProjectDox notifies the right parties. The project can be resubmitted. Once the community gets approval, it can move forward, knowing that all the information that is needed is within the software. Land development or a building project has never been easier. Stop trying to maintain your own database of information. Let our software manage your planning.

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