An Introduction to OAS (Online Application Submission)

An Introduction to OAS (Online Application Submission)

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Whether you work for a government jurisdiction or have to visit one as a citizen there is one thing that is incredibly frustrating about submitting forms, applications, change order requests, requests for information or anything else – all the paperwork.  As more and more businesses make an effort to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the use of paper in the workplace it seems like government forms are endless.  And, if paperwork must be submitted to multiple departments there will be multiple copies needed.  It all just begins to feel redundant and wasteful.  It is exactly for this reason that Avolve created ProjectDox, ProjectDox EZ and now OAS – Online Application Submission.  OAS works seamlessly with ProjectDox and ProjectDox EZ to better improve environmental friendliness in the workplace, reduce costs and improve workflow not only for government jurisdiction employees but citizens as well.

OAS is a web application that allows anyone involved in a project including government personnel, outside agencies and citizen applicants to submit documents through a jurisdiction’s secure portal.  The need for driving to a government building and filling out endless paperwork is no longer needed.  Anyone can submit forms such as permit and plan review applications directly in the secure portal and those forms will be immediately available to necessary personnel, kept in a safe location and accessible so that pertinent personnel involved in the project can access forms whenever needed.  OAS maintains a secure environment by requiring all individuals to register accounts.  With account registration you can create and manage your own personal profile.  EAch time you need to submit a form you simply log into your account where your information is securely stored and submit your forms.  The storage of information in this format saves a significant amount of time and makes form submission easy and efficient.  Additionally, within OAS not only can you submit forms but you can retrieve them, verify all required plans, documents or data per request, pay any required fees and stay well informed on every application and review status.  This is a wonderful improvement for citizens and government personnel alike.  Jurisdiction employees will have a significant amount of time freed up  from managing all document submissions, RFIs and more so that they have more time for other important job duties.  OAS provides both small and large jurisdictions the opportunity to manage business online, not only within their department but with outside partners and citizens alike for a streamlined approach to business that will help get things done more quickly and effectively.

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