An Introduction to OAS’s Tool’s and Information Objects

An Introduction to OAS’s Tool’s and Information Objects

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Whether you are simply a citizen or you work for a government department, you know that application submission can be a tedious task.  Often, the necessary protocol is to drive to the government building, painstakingly find a parking space, get your pertinent forms, fill them out, wait in a long line, submit your application, and then wait for a response, which may take a long time to receive.  For governments, multiple employees must man desks to help assist citizens in submitting their applications, file the paperwork and make sure it is sent to the right person so that the application can be reviewed.  Once an application is submitted, though, it can sometimes get lost in the shuffle while it makes its way to the right person.  Then it will likely sit in a stack of other applications and eventually get reviewed.  If questions arise, they will then be addressed and then the application will either be edited, approved or denied.  This lengthy process can and should be streamlined which is why Avolve created OAS (Online Application Submission).  OAS is a web application that governments can deploy to dramatically streamline the application submission process for both departmental personnel and citizens alike.

Avolve’s OAS implements a number of tools that help improve the application submission process.  First, citizen applicants can submit and retrieve multiple permit applications from one secure portal.  For those that have multiple applications – this will significantly streamline things and make managing multiple applications much easier.  Next, governments and citizens can verify all required plans, documents, and data per permit.  Rather than constantly needing to return to submit one more plan that was forgotten, or requesting one last document that an applicant didn’t realize was necessary, it is all right there, in one place.  In this aspect it practically functions like a checklist so that everyone gets the information they need and reduces questions to streamline and accelerate the process.  Additionally, OAS helps everyone stay informed and updated on every application and review status.  This way there is no more wondering if your application has been reviewed or approved yet.  Simply securely log into your account on OAS to view all of your application statuses.  Finally, governments know that collecting fees can be frustrating and citizens may not know what the required fees are or who to send them to.  Within OAS, citizen applicants can pay all fees securely online to make just one more step much more easy for everyone involved.  The tools that OAS uses are in place to streamline the application submission and review process for all involved parties which will help accelerate economic growth and reduce redundancy and error within the government.

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