An Introduction to the Robust Features of OAS

An Introduction to the Robust Features of OAS

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Avolve’s ProjectDox ePlan system is a state-of-the-art way to conduct business online with customers, partners and internal staff.  At its core, it functions as a secure central hub where communication can take place, documents can be submitted, shared and stored, work can be completed and more – all in an effort to improve workflow and eliminate the time-wasting information silos we can often run into in the workplace.  Online Application Submission, or OAS, is a full featured web application designed with the end user in mind to make it easy for users to submit permit and plan review applications on a jurisdiction’s secure web site.

Today’s world moves at a fast pace, with much of our day to day life occurring in the digital space because of its convenience and speed.  Submitting permit and plan review applications for jurisdictions may have been a time-consuming, paper-heavy task in the past, but thanks to OAS, it no longer has to be.  OAS eliminates the need for individuals to get in their car, drive to an office building, fill out forms, wait in line, submit them and wait for a response.  OAS effectively eliminates the need to even be located in the jurisdiction at the time of submission.  With remote access to permit and plan review application submission, individual save time and resources, speeding the process along and making it more efficient for everyone involved.

Individual users can create and register an online account and manage their unique profile within OAS.  Once created, users can simply log into their account and make appropriate selections based on their needs.  OAS features a complete set of tools and information objects to make the process incredibly easy for users, eliminating needless headaches and frustration.  You get to perform and manage all of your front-end tasks so you know exactly what is happening at all times.  When using OAS, individuals will confirm their proper address and geo-location, have the ability to submit and retrieve multiple permit applications, verify all required plans, documents and data per permit, stay informed on every application and review status, and even pay all required fees – right from one secure location.  Anyone that has ever worked for a jurisdiction, or has had to work with a jurisdiction during the permit and plan application review process knows that this is an immense improvement on the previous pace of things and by keeping everything in one secure location, it eliminates the things that often slow down the process such as poor information communication or lost documents.  OAS’s innovative features are unique and are changing the way business gets done.  With these changes time efficiency will be greatly improved and money will be saved for all involved.

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