Avolve CEO Ron Loback Wins FIATECH Award

Avolve CEO Ron Loback Wins FIATECH Award

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FIATECH Recognizes 12 Individuals’ Superior Achievements

AUSTIN, Texas (April 26, 2011) – FIATECH hosted the 5th annual CETI Gala the evening of April 19, in conjunction with its 2011 Technology Conference and Showcase. During that ceremony, FIATECH gave out the Superior Technical Achievement Recognition Awards to 12 outstanding individuals who provided critical support and valuable contributions to FIATECH in 2010. As a result of their leadership, commitment, and technical competence, FIATECH was able to produce valuable tools, products, and technological developments that benefited the entire capital projects industry.

“The STAR Award recognizes the superior technical achievement of individuals who, working in FIATECH, have given ‘above and beyond’ in the prior calendar year,” said Ray Topping, director of FIATECH. “Each year, FIATECH honors those individuals who, through their leadership, commitment, participation, and sacrifice of personal time, have benefited the capital projects industry. This is true every year, but with the economic strains businesses and individuals have suffered through the past couple of years, it has been especially fulfilling and necessary to have the individuals we are going to recognize now working diligently to ensure that our projects and activities in FIATECH moved forward.”

Rob Brawn, CH2MHILL

Rob’s efforts have been instrumental in driving the Automated Design Roadmap element team to consistently deliver high value deliverables, making maximum use of limited financial resources, and leveraging maximum effort from roadmap team and project volunteers alike.

Allen Egnor, Intergraph

Allen helped bring together two concepts for iRING in recent years. He has also provided support for the Proteus (XMpLant) demo, as well as iRing, providing a level of balance and objectivity that is pretty rare. Without his help, those simply would not have shown integration with Intergraph/SmartPlant.

Zuhair Haddad, Consolidated Contractors Company
Zuhair is an active member of the FIATECH Board of Advisors, he demonstrates energetic leadership to move us toward our vision, bringing benefits to industry and his company, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC). Among our distinguished group of Board Members, Zuhair stands out in terms of the commitment of his company, and his own time and energy, toward advancement of the FIATECH strategy delivery of meaningful solutions for industry. Zuhair has brought forward many advanced automated delivery practices to FIATECH from the progressive delivery platform that he leads in CCC. As an international member it can be challenging to engage with our projects and Board activities, but Zuhair has not let those challenges limit his contributions. He has been and continues to be an leader, champion and contributor to FIATECH projects, including his current active participation in the ISO 15926 Project Information Flow and in the iRing activities.

Tom Hannigan, Zachry Nuclear

As president of Zachry Nuclear, and previously the Industrial Services Group, immediate past Chair of the FIATECH Board Advisors and current member of the Board and Executive Committee, Tom has been a visionary, vocal champion of technology, innovation, and industry collaboration.Tom is a leader. With his ideas and energy he provides all of us with motivation and confidence that great things are not just something to be dreamed of, they are achievable and within our reach, if we strive for excellence and combine our strengths toward shared outcomes. As a leader of FIATECH, Tom has overseen our transition from an organization that provided a great vision with our Capital Projects Technology Roadmap, to a strategic emphasis on driving value for industry, through delivering business value by delivering project results across the capital project lifecycle. Tom is a trusted advisor to the construction and capital projects industries. Within our history of strong leaders in FIATECH, Tom is recognized as one of the best.

Ron Loback, Avolve Software

Ron Loback, CEO at Avolve Software, has demonstrated just how quickly a new member can become not only involved in FIATECH but advance to a leadership position within the organization. Ron’s first meeting with FIATECH was as an exhibitor at our meeting in the spring of 2008. From there, he moved immediately into a FIATECH membership and in the summer of 2009 volunteered to take on the role as one of the two co-chairs of our Project Management & Controls Roadmap element (6) with specific responsibility for the FIATECH Streamlining projects. Together with other interested FIATECH members, including Target Corporation and Zachry Construction, Ron helped launch the FIATECH project to work with the International Code Council to develop the ICC Guideline for Replicable Buildings (released last fall) and undertake work with ARX, Hatch and several other members to develop a project to help increase the number of states and foreign governments that recognized digital seals on plans. This fall and spring, Ron and Avolve chaired a core work group of FIATECH members to develop, and with board approval, initiate the Proof of Concept project to demonstrate the feasibility of producing an automated code checking tool. In addition to the above, Ron has been a tireless participant in the work sessions of the FIATECH Roadmap Element Champions Committee.

Gabriel Lopes, Tecgraf PUC-Rio

Gabriel, along with his team at Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, has been instrumental in advancing ISO 15926 Part 3 (Geometry SIG). He has shown great leadership to get that effort going. Gabriel has also spread ISO 15926 adoption at Petrobras and other companies in South America, especially in Brazil. Gabriel has demonstrated exemplary leadership and commitment to spreading the FIATECH vision for adoption of ISO 15926 in Brazil and specifically in Petrobras. He worked closely with key FIATECH and POSC Caesar Association speakers from all over the world to organize an ISO 15926 forum in Brazil. Gabriel has also contributed significantly to the ISO 15926 Geometry Special Interest Group.

Neill Pawsey, FIATECH

Neill has worked to get mobile IT more widely adopted within the construction industry. He has worked to develop close ties between the US and the UK by promoting collaboration between FIATECH and COMIT’s construction networks. Neill has been a key player in both enabling COMIT to be the success it is, and developing further links between COMIT, FIATECH and other industry bodies.

Richard Sappe, Oracle

Richard has consistently demonstrated his passion for the values and mission of FIATECH. He has been a highly valued and respected member of the Roadmap Team and champion for the Scenario-based Project Planning element for several years. His perseverance in driving the planning section forward with an emphasis on owner needs, coupled with his overall contributions to the development and success of FIATECH and the Roadmap, deserve recognition.

Todd Sutton, Zachry Construction

Todd has become an integral part of FIATECH over the years and is a highly respected authority on new and emerging technologies. He has also been instrumental on several projects, particularly the development and publication of the “RFID for Materials Management and Productivity Improvement” book. He singlehandedly completed several chapters, developed most, if not all, of the checklists found in the book, carefully reviewed and edited much of the technical content, and most importantly, was engaged in the project from concept to completion. His energy and passion for technology and FIATECH is unbounded and he is always the first to “step up to the plate” for FIATECH when the need and occasion arises.

Keith Willshaw, Bentley Systems

Keith has been involved in Bentley’s ISO 15926 implementation efforts. He has been contributing to various FIATECH meetings very regularly, including participating in the weekly ISO 15926 Modeling and Geometry Special Interest Group meetings and contributing towards solving critical modeling issues that have helped accelerate the ISO 15926 implementation. He has also contributed towards testing ISO 15926 data exchanges, working closely with other FIATECH companies implementing ISO 15926. He brings a lot of first-hand engineering experience with him and it has been a great help for the ISO 15926 modeling activities. He has put in a lot of extra effort to promote ISO 15926, internally within Bentley, as well as with external partners and FIATECH members.

In the final award of the evening, FIATECH recognized Bechtel with a new STAR category that recognized a member company that exemplifies full engagement and hands-on involvement in the FIATECH organization. Bechtel has been a member of FIATECH since 2001 and actively participates in FIATECH from involvement on the Board of Advisors, leading the project management office and project development activities, providing strong and continuous support and leadership on the Capital Projects Technology Roadmap initiatives and providing oversight and leadership in the design element area. Bechtel has become a leader in helping solve the interoperability challenges our industry faces through its leadership and push to accelerate the successful deployment of ISO 15926. It is no surprise that this company has also led in the creation of new and collaborative user groups such as iRING and the recently-formed iRING Tools Interfacing project.

FIATECH is a member-led industry group that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration and deployment of technologies to deliver the highest business value throughout the life cycle of all types of capital projects.


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