A Closer Look At Avolve Software’s ePlan Life Cycle

A Closer Look At Avolve Software’s ePlan Life Cycle

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Are you looking for a way to make the approval and access to plans, simple and fast? Avolve Software ePlan Life Cycle could be the answer. The system is designed to make it ease for clients, citizens and agency departments to submit or review processes. Using a system like this, it’s possible to access various key advantages including safety benefits. In emergency situations, the system can be used to make sure that first responders and other teams have access to the plans that they need immediately.

Once plans have been submitted and reviewed, they can be approved through the same system and accessed by all relevant individuals. Today, there are 150 big cities and counties in the US and Canada who rely on the ePlan Life Cycle solution with one in five citizens in a jurisdiction that uses this service.

An All In One System

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With the ePlan Life Cycle, it’s possible to manage everything using one system. Users can first access an online application system. The OAS web application is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and keep registering a user account a fast process.

Once an application has been submitted, it can then be reviewed through ProjectDox. This allows a quick review and approval setup while ensuring that safety remains a top priority. The fast approval system guarantees that jobs can be created and revenue is increased for an individual project.

Finally, the PlansAnywhere mobile application means that everyone can access the information they need. It can be used for field access, and it’s the perfect tools for inspections. It ensures teams have all the relevant information they need to keep citizens safe.

Benefits Of Using ePlan Life Cycle

The ePlan Life Cycle provides a number of key advantages to everyone at various stages of using the software. The main two advantages are an increased level of efficiency and a higher level of safety for citizens. But it’s worth diving into how it provides these benefits.

Using this service, you could see a reduction in citizen complaints. Using the system, services can be far more transparent, and this means that citizens will know exactly what’s going on. It’s not just citizens that are going to stay in the loop either. The system is perfectly designed to make sure that there can be strong collaboration and communication between different teams and sectors.

Are you eager to cut costs while keeping quality of service intact? You can do this with ePlan Life Cycle. It ensures that there’s no need for paper files which means you can cut storage costs and the issue of lost plans out of the equation. Mistakes can be removed too with problems relating to multiple PDF markups a nightmare of the past.

If there is an emergency involving a building, plans can be accessed immediately. That way teams can make sure they find the fastest way to access people trapped inside.

The bottom line is that the ePlan Life Cycle can improve planning at every step, cutting review service times in half and keeping the situation simple. You’ll even find that this system helps boost customer service and keeps citizens happy during an application process.


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