Avolve Provides 4 Solutions with ProjectDox

Avolve Provides 4 Solutions with ProjectDox

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Avolve Software took years of extensive research and experience and carefully crafted ProjectDox, the industry’s leading ePlan (Electronic Plan Review) solution.  Municipalities all over North America are enjoying the benefits of improved efficiency, improved communication, and accelerated jobs and revenues through the implementation of ProjectDox.  Avolve assists cities in every step of the process to ensure onboarding is smooth and effective but what is most distinct is the versatility of ProjectDox and its ability to provide solutions to 4 distinct departments:

  1. Building Departments
    • Building departments are faced with a wide array of challenges that can make efficient and effective processes difficult including inefficient manual/paper-based processes, data silos in which information gets locked up or lost altogether, difficulty in collaborating on projects with dispersed team members, inaccurate and slow project status updates, and lack of accurate and current information about the built environment. ProjectDox effectively eliminates data silos and improves communication to expedite the building process.  Additionally, it stores the most current and accurate information about the built environment, is easy to update and/or access from the building site or any location, and powers economic growth by reducing review cycle times, increasing transparency, and enhancing collaboration throughout the building process.
  2. Planning and Zoning
    • A well-functioning, highly livable and successful city does not just happen on its own, it must be carefully planned and executed. ProjectDox helps a variety of stakeholders, including citizens, community leaders, and planners, work together to create and execute short and long range plans.  ProjectDox automates land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, and integrates all information to GIS.  Further, ProjectDox’s workflow includes project templates, checklists, eForms, reports, and process steps so that the entire planning process is easily and effectively automated.
  3. Public Works and Capital Projects
    • Public works and capital projects such as roads and bridges, utilities, water, storm water and sanitation, traffic, or building assets can all benefit from improved communication and collaboration. ProjectDox facilitates a truly collaborative environment in which team members have instant web access to all project data and a fully versioned document history for complete transparency.  All project information is stored in one central location so that it is accurate and available at all times.
  4. Emergency Response Planning
    • Communities must have a comprehensive, accurate, and current emergency response plan in place for a myriad of emergencies to ensure e safety of the city and its citizens. Paper-based documents are difficult to keep properly updated, often hard to find or access, and difficult to use during emergencies effectively because many people must all be on the same page at the same time for true efficiency. When seconds matter and proper communication through the conveyance of accurate and current information can make all the difference, ProjectDox’sPlansAnywhere is the solution to every city’s emergency response planning needs.  PlansAnywhere maintains the most accurate information about the built environment, can be updated in a moment’s notice, and is easily accessible from any mobile device, smart device or computer with a secure internet connection.  Detailed emergency response plans can be maintained and accessed during an emergency to ensure everyone remains on the same page.

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