Avolve Provides Training & Education

Avolve Provides Training & Education

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At Avolve, we have taken years of experience and industry knowledge to carefully craft our products that include ProjectDox, OAS (Online Application Submission), and PlansAnywhere.  Our products more than perform; they transform operations, save time, save money and ultimately accelerate economic growth within communities.  Through the use of our products, communities are dramatically reducing their paper waste while streamlining communication through efficient workflows.  Jurisdictions all over the United States and world are implementing the use of our products and seeing the very tangible benefits.  And, while our products certainly are effective, we go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction with our client training and education.

We do not simply offer a basic tutorial on our products upon installation; we provide education services and classes that significantly enhance your investment in Avolve software.  Our training and education team provide our clients with training resources specifically designed for Avolve products, including: user guides, training manuals, templates to create custom training materials, presentations, agendas, and curriculum.  We provide clients with so much because, while we believe our products stand on their own and our generic workflows can work wonders, we strongly encourage clients to develop unique workflows for their specific needs – we encourage clients to maximize our product’s potential with customization.  These training are given to clients to keep on hand and reuse as needed.  Additionally, we provide clients with Avolve Standard Training Classes delivered via the web, as well as Avolve On-site Courses and Custom Training to those interested.  Further, we offer AvolveProjectDox User Group (PDUG) Conferences which are popular regional and annual events that are designed to bring together our users.  Those that attend these conferences represent many roles including administrators, IT managers, line-of-business managers and other government officials for multiple days of product training, best practices, tips and tricks, partner solutions, exciting activities, and more.  These conferences are a great time of socialization and networking, providing customers with a chance to hear directly from Avolve representatives.  We provide this training to our clients as an extended service of our products, ensuring complete comfort for our customers in using our product, as well as the chance to truly maximize the benefits that can be reaped from our software when customization is implemented.  It is our highest priority that all of our customers are completely satisfied with how our software performs and that each of our customers enjoys a total transformation of operations and communication that not only saves money but saves time and stimulates economic growth.



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