Avolve Software Products Improve Business Operations for These 4 Government Departments

Avolve Software Products Improve Business Operations for These 4 Government Departments

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Many business and government departments have tried painstakingly to find an enterprise solution that is effective, efficient, customizable, and meets all needs.  The reality is, most software solutions do not.  But, that is not the case with Avolve Software products including ProjectDox, PlansAnywhere and Online Application Submission (OAS).  These three products make it possible to find the perfect solution for your needs and completely customize it to your operation.  Avolve has used decades of knowledge, experience, and training to develop products that can improve efficiency, operational transparency, teamwork and collaboration, and communication throughout the entire building lifecycle.

ProjectDox has unique programmed workflows that have been carefully honed overtime through customer interaction, design and development.  But, those very useful, function-specific solutions can also be customized to meet your organizational and operational needs within your unique community.
Avolve Software Products Improve Business Operations for These 4 Government Departments:

  1. Building Departments
    • Building Departments exist in every government and regardless of size, can take advantage of the many wonderful and completely scalable features of ProjectDox, OAS, and PlansAnywhere. Avolve Software products can help eliminate inefficient manual processes, make information sharing easy and readily accessible when needed, expedite the building plan review process, improve project collaboration by keeping all information in one central location that can be accessed from and anywhere.
  2. Public Works/Capital Projects
    • Public Works and Capital Projects Departments can take advantage of the features of ProjectDox to manage internal projects and improve processes with better collaboration and communication. Public Works and Capital Projects that Avolve Software software products can be used for include roads, bridges, utilities, water, storm water, sanitation, traffic, and building assets.
  3. Planning and Zoning
    • Planning and Zoning departments must work closely with community leaders, citizens, and city planners to develop well-designed, thoughtful, livable communities and the best way to facilitate operations is with Avolve Software products such as ProjectDox. ProjectDox can be used to automate and manage community planning operations including land planning, development applications, entitlements, long range planning, and integration to GIS.
  4. Emergency Response Planning
    • Emergency Response Planning is very challenging and difficult to effectively an efficiently manage with traditional paper plans and documents. ProjectDox and PlansAnywhere make accessing accurate building and city information easy and fast.  Further, it is easy to pre-plan emergency response plans with the aid of fully marked-up drawings and identify key items such as gas and electric shut-offs, stand pipes, master elevator controls, security controls and all access points.

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