Avolve’s Hosted Option Provides a Hands-Off Management Experience with all the Advantages ProjectDox Offers

Avolve’s Hosted Option Provides a Hands-Off Management Experience with all the Advantages ProjectDox Offers

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At Avolve Software, we designed ProjectDox to be effective and useful for any size government or jurisdiction.  We do not say that lightly – whether your department or government is only a few people or thousands, ProjectDox will revolutionize and improve processes.  We know that not every department or government can have dedicated IT personnel, a server room, and the capability to host ProjectDox independently.  It is either not in the budget or there is simply no desire to host it, and we get it.  But, just because that is the case, it does not mean that a department or government has to miss out on the benefits of ProjectDox.  At Avolve, we are proud to offer managed cloud service and hosting options for our clients so that they can enjoy the advantages but stick to their business at hand without having to worry about IT intricacies or uptime.

First, when you opt to use managed cloud services for ProjectDox, your system will run in a secure, state-of-the-art data center in Phoenix, AZ.  It does not matter where you are located, your software will run and be managed at all times by experienced Avolve staff.  Our Avolve application experts will install, monitor, manage, fine-tine, and upgrade your ProjectDox application for you so that you never have to worry about it working well.  It just will.  This is helpful because you do not need a server room, additional personnel, or other resources, it will all be managed for you.

When you opt for Avolve’s Hosted Application offering, multiple outstanding services will be right at your fingertips.  To ensure optimal functionality, you will have a secure, high-bandwidth integration between ProjectDox and back-end systems.  These systems include Community Development, ERP, and Document Management systems.  Additionally, you will have high system availability backed by a Service Legal Agreement.  As part of that agreement we will stringently track your uptime and guarantee it!  Also, data will be segmented and secured from our other hosted customers – it will never reside in the same database.  Your security is our priority.  Further, ProjectDox workflows and integrations are completely unique to each customer – they are never configured to the lowest common denominator.  Your service is highly personalized to meet your unique jurisdictional needs.  Our secure hosting partner is the Phoenix NAP which is SOC2 compliant to ensure environment security, confidentiality and processing integrity.  If you want to incorporate ProjectDox without the hassle of managing an IT department, server room and the intricacies of software, choose Avolve’s hosting option!


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