How Building Departments Can Protect Citizen’s Safety with ProjectDox

How Building Departments Can Protect Citizen’s Safety with ProjectDox

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Any local government has many important roles to play and necessary tasks which they must accomplish.  Balancing all of the demands can be challenging but, nevertheless, they must so that their city can thrive and their citizens remain protected.  Balancing the need to grow a community with speed and frugality while maintaining prudent adherence to structural integrity is no simple tight rope walk.  Frequently, to enhance structural integrity and protect the health and safety of a jurisdiction’s citizens, processes are slow and inefficient. Building officials have long sought a solution to this problem.  A way to avoid information silos, maximize efficiency, boost economic growth, and protect the health and safety of citizens.  Fortunately, Avolve Software’s ProjectDox is able to accomplish all of these valuable and important goals. ProjectDox is actively in use in over 100 jurisdictions in North America and the number is only growing as more and more cities realize the revolutionary effect that ProjectDox is having on efficient project completion, economic growth, enhanced safety, and more!

Most governments will encounter a number of obstacles in the quest to efficiently and effectively build and stimulate economic growth while protecting citizen safety.  Obstacles include things like inefficient manual processes that make achieving that balance difficult.  Additionally, many jurisdictions report that information is frequently unavailable because it is locked away in data silos that make it inaccessible when it is needed most.  Further, because many governments have not caught up with modern technology, building plan reviews are frequently still paper-based processes which means that documents are easily misplaced.  And, because of this, it is not easy to update a project’s status so stakeholders and involved personnel do not have accurate or timely updates.  ProjectDox makes information about the built environment available to the individuals who need it the moment it is needed.

Through the instant availability of the most accurate, up-to-date information about the built environment, decisions are made more quickly, transparency is enhanced, and building projects are completed far faster.  And, because of that, building’s safety is maximized which protects the health and safety of a jurisdiction’s citizens.  ProjectDox is the industry’s leading ePlan solution for a reason.  It powers unparalleled economic growth, delivers better constituent service, reduces review cycle times, and ultimately enhances the kind of collaboration every community needs to encourage the safe and effective growth of a community.


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