What Can Be Accomplished with OAS eForms?

What Can Be Accomplished with OAS eForms?

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ProjectDox and its best-in-class workflows are revolutionizing business process efficiency.  ProjectDox offers users a laundry list of outstanding features and one of those is its ability to work with OAS (Online Application Submission).  Avolve Software developed OAS to give jurisdictions the ability to have a citizen access web portal that is secure and effective.  OAS makes it easy to submit permit and plan review applications via a jurisdiction’s website or an Avolve Software hosted SaaS solution.  Online Application Submission is a completely applicant-facing interface for the plan review process.  Further, OAS can optionally integrate with a jurisdiction’s permitting system and online fee payment, further streamlining processes.

The core of OAS’ achievements is its highly-configurable eForms that are not only dynamic and intelligent, but they make it outstandingly easy for applicants to start their submission process online.  It is streamlined and easy for applicants to create and register an account.  Essentially, OAS gives jurisdictions an efficient and effective way to conduct online business with customers, partners and internal staff. Once registered it is easy to manage their profile by simply logging into their account and selecting the proper application for submission. Just what can be achieved with OAS’ eForms?  The better question is what can’t be achieved?  First, OAS’ eForms provide applicants with the ability to self-service their needs.  This frees up jurisdiction employees for other tasks, saving time and money. Also, OAS boasts a wizard style dynamic application form, complete with help tips to user experience easy. OAS can auto populate forms with applicant information.  This saves significant time when filling out multiple applications, expediting the process and creating a better user experience.  Additionally, OAS will confirm applicant address and geo-location. It is easy for the applicant to submit multiple applications and types as well as pay all fees associated with applications directly online.

Once the applicant completes a form in using Online Application Submission, it automatically triggers the start of the plan review workflow process in ProjectDox.  That means that, rather than waiting for paperwork to make its way (hopefully) to the right person in a department, applications are immediately delivered to the appropriate place and plan review begins.  This dramatically expedites the process and this is important not only for efficiency but because it better accelerates economic growth and, thus, jurisdiction’s revenue is increased.  OAS eForms provide a new, better, more efficient way for applicants to submit their forms and have a better experience interacting with a jurisdiction with submitting applications.


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