How You Can See Immediate Benefits of Implementing ProjectDox

How You Can See Immediate Benefits of Implementing ProjectDox

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ProjectDox is in use by over 100 cities, counties and states for a lot of small reasons and one very big reason – it is the only proven solution that improves business process efficiency and eliminates information silos to facilitate productive communication and encourage economic growth through project completion.  At Avolve, we invented electronic plan review for permit application review using our decade of domain expertise to assure your success.  While legacy silo approaches typically complicate, compartmentalize and delay projects, ProjectDox improves business process efficiency for all building projects within a community through a series of workflows that come standard or can be customized to meet your individual needs.  Many IT department heads or department personnel may hear that and say, “Well that is great, but how soon will we really start to see the benefits of implementing ProjectDox?  Will it be more of a headache to implement than it is worth?  We need tangible results, now.”  Fortunately, to that we say – you can start realizing benefits immediately upon implementing ProjectDox.

Whether you represent a jurisdiction’s building department, planning and zoning, public works or emergency response, once ProjectDox has been on-boarded, your plan review process will be automated and accelerated instantly.  While there are far more benefits to be realized with ProjectDox, you can start with plan review first and get the instant benefits for your community for which you are looking.  We have heard from clients and they are telling us that with ProjectDox, reviews take a fraction of the time and project managers are receiving stakeholder comments far sooner.  We have been able to hone workflows and processes using our domain experience working in over one hundred jurisdictions.  These best-in-class workflows enable you to get up and running more quickly, particularly when coupled with our hosting option.  Further, ProjectDox comes with comprehensive collaboration tools for commenting, comparing, notifying and reporting.  ProjectDox also seamlessly provides interoperability with other business applications including permitting, asset management and document management systems.  If you are not interested in our hosted option, you can work with our project services team to customize ProjectDox to your specific processes and interface requirements.  Whatever option is better suited for you, you will realize immediate benefits as ProjectDox delivers efficiency and process benefits to aid in eliminating information silos and fueling economic development and growth.


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