How the Centralization of Information Enhances Public Works and Capital Projects

How the Centralization of Information Enhances Public Works and Capital Projects

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Government departments are each tasked with playing a unique role in the efficient and effective functioning of a city and/or state.  Each department must be able to effectively do their job to uphold their piece of the unique puzzle so that a city runs as it should – growing, thriving, and providing a safe and stable jurisdiction for citizens to live in.  The Public Works and Capital Projects departments play a critical role in any jurisdiction because they work on things like roads and bridges, utilities, water, storm water and sanitation, traffic, and building assets.  ProjectDox may be the industry’s leading ePlan review software but what makes it so valuable is that it goes far beyond that and can be utilized by other departments – including Public Works and Capital Projects – to help manage internal projects and improve processes through.  This is accomplished through the centralization of information for better collaboration and communication.

So often there is a breakdown in communication and information sharing within a government and even within the same jurisdiction.  This is frequently the case because various software cannot communicate data with other software.  Information silos occur and this leads to inefficient and inaccurate dissemination of information that delays projects which is costly and frustrating.  Fortunately, ProjectDox provides a central location in which anyone with appropriate permission can access securely controlled project information.  ProjectDox provide a jurisdiction with valuable communication and collaboration tools.  All project data is maintained in one secure location where all updates, changes and information is stored.  This enhances transparency and ensures everyone is on the same page.  Additionally, all project data is linked to the jurisdiction’s GIS system which provides personnel with the ability to quickly reference built environment information which helps stimulate economic growth and development.  Al project team members have instant web access for a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to all project data.  ProjectDox maintains a fully versioned document history so that the most accurate and up-to-date information is always available in one central location.

ProjectDox offers users a truly collaboration environment in one central location.  This dramatically improves processes like construction, expansion, repair, design and management, renovation, and more.  ProjectDox’s versatility offers government jurisdictions including Public Works and Capital Projects unique features that help support operations by maintaining the most current information in one secure, easy-to-access, central location.


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