A Closer Look at How ProjectDox Works

A Closer Look at How ProjectDox Works

By Administrator

ProjectDox is the industry leading electronic plan review solution and for good reason – it has proven itself time after time.  At Avolve, we used our decades of domain expertise and feedback from industry insiders and clients to carefully craft ProjectDox and today it is the ONLY proven solution.  ProjectDox is used by jurisdictions for plan review for permitting, by planning and zoning departments, by public works and capital projects departments, for public safety planning and more.  ProjectDox has been designed to streamline processes, improving business process efficiency for all building projects within a community.  This comprehensive approach to collaboration provides jurisdictions with the tools they need for commenting, comparing, notifying, reporting, and so much more – ensuring projects are completed more quickly and accurately, saving time and stimulating economic growth.  To better explain this, we will take a closer look at how ProjectDox works.

One of the key highlights of ProjectDox is that it is exceptionally easy to use.  Regardless of department size or infrastructure, ProjectDox is easily on-boarded and training is provided for ease of use.  For day to day use, project managers simply invite team members to access a ProjectDox web portal via email.  Further, the project manager can assign tasks and due dates to each invitee.  And, project managers then upload all pertinent project files while other stakeholders can also upload project documents.  Once all necessary project information and participants are located in one place – the ProjectDox portal – the back and forth of efficient workflow can begin.  Team members are able to easily communicate electronically and access any files they might need while a detailed audit trail is managed for complete transparency.

During a project, team members are able to read each other’s comments, make notations or mark-up documents concurrently, overlay document versions to compare changes, view GIS location information along with project files to make informed decisions, monitor the review processes and generate reports, and resolve any potential conflicts that arise with minimal effort using annotation, checklist, and specialized notes features.  All of these features, coupled with the audit rail, make it easy to keep a project on schedule while maintaining individual accountability.  Further, ProjectDox is able to work in tandem with permitting software which helps automate the plan review process.  All of the features and workflows of ProjectDox can be custom-tailored to meet the unique demands of your jurisdiction, ensuring ProjectDox provides revolutionary change to project efficiency.



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