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Our Leadership & Experience

There are basically three reasons why you want to use Avolve as your built environment information and business management partner:

1. We have focus.
Many of our competitors say they offer a complete package, but what they really have is a core competence in one arena, and a collection of under-developed add-ons so they can claim “we have it all.”

When it comes to managing your built environment, you need a partner that is focused on tools and methods designed for your users and projects – and on the daily tasks that make you successful at every level. That’s Avolve Software.

2. We have unparalleled experience.
We’re the proven partner. With over a 120 city and counties (and major ones like Chicago, Houston, Boston, Phoenix and Portland) as customer-partners, and hundreds of thousands of hours working on ePlan and built environment business processes, there’s few problems we haven’t faced. We continually deliver real solutions that deliver real value. Recently, one of our long-time customers told us that he loves his Avolve enterprise solution simply because “everyday I log in, and it just works.” We know how to make that kind of reliable user-experience yours as well.

3. We see the way forward.
We know where we’re going and we know where you’re going, too. Because of #1 and #2 above, we have our finger on the pulse of built environment management; what you need now and into the future. The Cloud, GIS, Mobile Apps, BIM, Big & Open Data – everything is changing. Avolve Software will move you forward in the world of solid realities, and not merely with the latest market buzz.