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AutoCodes Project Video

Electronic Plan Review plays an important role in the future of regulatory compliance.

  • 2D plan review systems are a critical component in transitioning to paperless processes
  • No “leapfrogging” — Model technologies are not going to overtake the adoption of or need for 2D systems; the path forward incorporates both 2D & 3D processes.
  • 2D systems are proven and available, offering game-changing benefits to government departments, communities and the AEC industry.
  • Avolve is currently at work integrating Solibri model-checking technology into its 2D plan review solution

The AutoCodes Project seeks to demonstrate the viability of automated code-checking technology for virtual construction models. The initial phase featured the participation of several Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJs – including Avolve customers) in a controlled review process. Using AutoCodes and Building Information Models (BIMs) for code review promises to drastically reduce review times, increase accuracy and provide superior control and access to critical information contained in the model.

Avolve Software is working with FIATECH, Target Corporation, Solibri, the International Code Council and other key organizations to complete this important project.

Press the “Play” button on the inteface to start the video. The “expand” control (lower right) plays full screen.

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