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Electronic Plan Submission

Our electronic plan review and submission is used by over 100 cities, counties, and states because it is proven to speed up the time required to process building site permitting review and approval.

ProjectDox enables online submission of electronic data files (AutoCAD, PDF, Office formats and more). Our OAS (Online Submission Applications) offers easy online application and payment processing. Once the applicants electronic plan files are uploaded, our best in class approval process workflows enable easy collaborative review building safety code compliance.


eplan approval

Our software solution provides:

  • electronic submission for review approval
  • resubmit plan files can be version compared visually
  • online application and payment option
  • interfaces for third party permitting solutions
  • securely hosted or on-premise offerings

Achieve faster job creation and revenue generation by streamlining the time it takes to get buildings built, employing jobs for people and generating revenues faster.

Whether your jurisdiction’s building department, planning and zoning, capital projects / public works or emergency response — ProjectDox can speed up your process, make it easier, and that will help your community accelerate economic development.

“Reviews now take one quarter of the time, and project managers receive stakeholder comments 75% sooner.”