City, County & State Advantages of Emergency Planning with ProjectDox

City, County & State Advantages of Emergency Planning with ProjectDox

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Emergency planning is a key role for city, county and state governments. It’s crucial that utter chaos can be avoided in an emergency. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible if the right measures aren’t put in place. Chaos and disruption will rain if key individuals are unable to gain access to the information that they need. Issues can also arise if there are delays gaining the right data or if everyone isn’t on the same page. Ideally, to avoid problems like this, city, county and state governments, must be able to plan ahead. For that to happen, the right tools need to be on the table.

Today that means digital systems that can be relied on by all. This is exactly what ProjectDox provides. It’s a comprehensive solutions that offers a range of benefits when planning for emergency through the system.

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All Information About The Built Environment Stored In One Place

When teams are responding to emergencies it’s important to be able to access all the relevant information on data on buildings and developments that might be impacted. This is crucial for both rescuing citizens and ensuring that plans can be created for specific circumstances. Whether you’re drawing up exit strategies or ensuring that first responders know how to get inside the building, the plans must be accessible. With ProjectDox, all the plans are in the same place, stored digitally. You don’t have to worry about key information or files going missing or access to certain documents being delayed or even denied.

Access For All Teams, Everywhere

It’s crucial during a state of emergency to keep everyone on the same page. With ProjectDox, city, county and state governments can do exactly that, making sure that everyone can access the files they need. The application can be used by those operating in the field and teams at control stations. As well as this, ProjectDox can ensure that everyone is kept up to date with planning and that no one is working with outdated information.

Logging Key Locations

There are various key areas that must be logged and located for an emergency situation to be handled effectively. It’s crucial that key information can be accessed quickly and ProjectDox makes this easy. Using the system, you ensure the key items such as gas and electric shut-offs, master elevator switches and standpipes are all highlighted. It’s also important to mark locations of hazardous materials as well and the system certainly allows for this.

Plan Ahead

If you want to make sure that everything is kept in order when an area is dealing with an emergency, you need to plan ahead. ProjectDox makes this easy because when you access plans, you can use them to strategize for individual emergencies. You can do this by accessing fully marked up drawings. This means you will be able to draw up individual solutions to various scenarios.

We hope you see now that ProjectDox can be the ultimate tool for city, council and state use to make sure that emergency plans can be put in place.

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