What file formats does ProjectDox support?

ProjectDox handles over 200 file types including AutoCAD and MicroStation formats. Word documents, photos, videos and other files associate with the Built Environment are managed and viewable in ProjectDox. Unlike other electronic plan review systems that limit support to PDFs, ProjectDox managed files retain all of the embedded vector and layer intelligence inherent in the native file format. Furthermore, users do not need to download and maintain special software to use the ProjectDox viewer.

Does ProjectDox support mobile devices like iPads?

Inspectors, emergency response teams, contractors and others need to use project documents in the field. ProjectDox is entirely web-based and can be easily accessed from any location via a network, cellular, or Wi-Fi connection. ProjectDox supports Apple, Android and Microsoft tablet devices. As an added benefit, inspectors and other field staff can select the folder of “approved plans” and download them to their mobile device as PDF files for access in the field if network / cellular / Wi-Fi coverage will be limited.

How does ProjectDox interface to other business applications?

Electronic plan review is Avolve’s only business. So, we knew form the start that we had to design ProjectDox as a open system, one that can easily interface to other business application systems. ProjectDox includes over 200 open, published web services, today’s standard method for exchanging information between two applications. Your Avolve implementation team uses these web services to interface to permitting systems (from vendors such as Accela, Infor, SunGard, and Computronix) as well back-office systems for inspection, document archive and others.

What is a ProjectDox workflow?

What comprises a business process? A business process is typically a sequence of interrelated activities completed by individuals or systems inside and even outside the organization. ProjectDox automates these activities and the information flow throughout the customer’s business process. We call these ‘workflows’ and they represent the heartbeat of the ProjectDox system. ProjectDox comes with an advanced set of tools – eForms, project templates, a workflow designer, checklists, an advanced folder structure, and others – to automate your business processes.

How does ProjectDox handle the original plans and documents?

Plan and document files that are uploaded into ProjectDox are published immediately into a “read-only” screen format that is used throughout the review and approval process. The plan files themselves, once published, are archived away in order to ensure they are never altered or modified in any way. All red-lines, markups and annotations applied to the plan file renditions occur on virtual layers in ProjectDox. This means plans and comments can be managed effectively for specific operations useful for streamlining the review process. ProjectDox can publish over 200 file formats (including DWG, DGN and PDF) accurately and maintain important vector and layer information that help reviewers do their jobs effectively.

What is a ProjectDox “Project”?

ProjectDox is a central meeting place where all project participants across agency departments, external organizations, and the public at large can assemble electronically to view, mark up, and comment on the same set of project documents. Each project gets a secure, virtual workspace accessible only by those project stakeholders with permission to use it. A project workspace is organized around a folder structure, specific to the project type, where project documents and plans are securely managed. The project review process is guided by a powerful workflow engine that automates project review business processes. Projects are initiated and completed, and can then be archived for later use.

Is ProjectDox a secure web application?

ProjectDox uses the same browser security deployed by online banking sites. When combined with network and application security best practices deployed by your jurisdiction, ProjectDox ePlan technology will provide a secure collaboration environment for the citizen and government project stakeholders.

How does ProjectDox work?

ProjectDox is easy to use. Project Mangers invite team members via email to access a ProjectDox web portal. They assign specific tasks and due dates to each invitee. Managers upload project files, and other stakeholders upload the first round of project documents. Thus begins a back-and-forth, workflow-driven electronic conversation among team members until all issues are resolved.

Throughout this iterative process, reviewers:

  • Read each other’s comments
  • Mark up documents concurrently
  • Overlay document versions to compare changes
  • View GIS location information along with project files to make informed decisions
  • Monitor review processes and generate reports
  • Resolve possible conflicts with minimal effort using annotation, checklist, and specialized notes features
In addition, ProjectDox supports a complete audit trail of all project activity to help keep projects on schedule and ensure individual accountability. ProjectDox can work in tandem with permitting software to help automate the plan review process or as a standalone solution.

What is ProjectDox electronic plan review software?

ProjectDox is a web-based electronic plan and document workflow solution that lets citizens and government personnel initiate and complete the plan submission, review and approval process online, rather than using a manual, paper-based process. Building, Planning, Land Use, Fire, Environmental, Public Works and other agencies can use ProjectDox for project-specific workflows and cross-departmental communication, collaboration and coordination.

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